Star Wars VR Game Project Lets You Become the X Wing Pilot

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Star Wars is experiencing a serious resurgence in popularity with Star Wars: Episode VII prepares to his theaters in December, and EA’s Star Wars Battlefront reboot launches about a month before that. As a result, it makes sense that, with the growth in popularity, Star Wars fans are looking for ways to boost their own creations among gamers.

One of these creations is a Star Wars virtual reality game currently in development from movie director Rob McLellan, VFX professional Craig Stiff, and game studio HammerheadVR. Together, this group of Star Wars fans are building their own Star Wars VR game in Unreal Engine 4.

As the above video shows, the game is in the very early stages of development, though it still looks pretty impressive. Sure, the graphics may not be what gamers expect from current-gen games, especially with the Unreal Engine 4 working in the back end, but it’s unlikely true Star Wars fans will care. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to fly an X-Wing into battle against Tie Fighters and the Death Star, or using the T-47 Airspeeder’s cables to drop an AT-AT head first into the snow?

Star Wars VR in Progress

Both McLellan and Stiff have made clear this is a fan project, not a commercial title. It’s unclear what approvals or rights they have for the game, or if they’re hoping for approval sometime later, but as of right now the team is moving forward with the project. In fact, they’re hoping to have a playable demo available by the time the Oculus Rift releases next year.

In terms of the group’s background, HammerheadVR’s other work includes simulators, at least one VR movie, and a VR exploration game. Hopefully their array of experience will help them provide gamers will a truly immersive Star Wars experience worthy of the galactic franchise name.

As for McLellan and Stiff – the young duo have worked together on multiple short film projects over the last few years, and are currently turning McLellan’s robot serial killer short, ABE, into a full-length feature film.

Despite the short track record of both the developer and the two gentlemen spearheading the Star Wars VR project, it’s hard to argue with the footage they’ve already shared of their video game project. And while none of those involved have said anything yet to this effect, it’s possible the team is hoping for those with resources and rights may see this game as an opportunity and provide the needed support to the team.

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