Why Visceral's Star Wars Game Skipped E3 2017

Visceral Star Wars game E3 2017

EA's E3 2017 press conference featured Star Wars Battlefront 2 in a big way but fans sorely missed Visceral's untitled Star Wars game. Many are eager to know why the game skipped the event, with the game's development team delivering the answers.

Asked about the game's absence by Star Wars 'expert' Lucas Spiegel, the game's creative director Amy Hennig explained that it won't be at E3 2017 because it's Star Wars Battlefront 2's "year." Hennig then added that Visceral is "hard at work" on its own Star Wars project and fans should have "no fear."

She also said that the Visceral team is "very proud" of its friends at (Battlefront 2 developers) DICE and EA Motive. Given that EA Motive's general manager has called the Visceral Star Wars game 'groundbreaking,' it seems that the love is mutual.

The lack of new information is frustrating given that the last official word about Visceral's project came almost an entire year ago. At Star Wars celebration last year, Hennig revealed that the game would tell an original Star Wars story, featuring new characters, creatures, locations and more.

Given the talent involved, many are eager to hear more about Visceral's new Star Wars game, even if it is just a title. So it's understandable that many are disappointed at the suggestion that the game may not be officially announced before Star Wars Battlefront 2 is released in November of this year. EA uses Sony as its marketing partner for its Star Wars games, and so a reveal at this year's PlayStation Experience (typically held in December) is possible, but that's still a six month wait.

From a business point of view, though, this move makes sense for EA. Even though people are excited for both games, teasing the Visceral title before the DICE and Motive game is out the door could draw attention away from Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Moreover, the Visceral Star Wars game is still 'years away' from being released according to EA. There's only so much that can be revealed, hyped, and teased about a game and the publisher won't want to start talking it up too much now if it's still a very long way away from being available.

As development continues and the Battlefront 2 marketing cycle winds down, Hennig and her team at Visceral will have plenty to say about its Star Wars project. The wait may be difficult for fans, but hopefully it will be well worth it.

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