Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy Update

The biggest update since launch has just arrived for Star Wars: The Old Republic in the form of Game Update 1.2: Legacy. As the name would imply, a huge aspect of this update is the overhauling of the Legacy system.

Players now have the ability to tie their individual characters together in order to unlock various items and abilities. This family tree will reward players with “convenience items” such as an in-ship mailbox and a Global Trade Network terminal. New species will also be unlockable. These additions might not be game changers, but they are still nice perks for the SW:TOR players who have dedicated time in the Old Republic universe with multiple characters.

On top of the revamped Legacy system, there are also a few new scenarios to participate in — ‘Warzone: Novare Coast,’ ‘Operation: Explosive Conflict,’ and ‘Flashpoint: The Lost Island.’ Check out the Update 1.2 video to see a preview of all the new areas.

The Flashpoint will take place on Ord Mantell, tasking up to four players with the responsibility of finding the man who caused the Rakghoul virus. This is billed as an immediate follow-up to the ‘Kaon Under Siege’ Flashpoint. Warzone and Operation will be set on Denova, where plenty of new weapons and armor can be found for your new Legacy family.

The update also promises some more minor, but still welcome, changes for The Old Republic. More advanced options are being added, UI customization is now standard, and even character textures have been improved. New daily missions have been added, along with a few new mini pets. Basically, no matter how much time SW:TOR players spend in-game, there are noticeable improvements across the board.

For all the Star Wars: TheĀ Old Republic players out there, have you gotten around to testing out all the additions for Update 1.2? If so, what do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below.

Game Update 1.2: Legacy for Star Wars: The Old Republic is available now.