New 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Trailer Shows the Return of the Sith

The Old Republic Trailer - Sith Return

As we (hopefully) near the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is high time gamers started trading in visually stunning pre-rendered trailers for clips that actually show off the cinematic capabilities of the game itself. Today at PAX East, BioWare unveiled such a trailer that gives a little back-story on the game, and shows some Jedi on Sith action to boot.

Though we might know how it eventually pans out, The Old Republic’s story centers on the return of the malicious Sith, and their quest to overtake the entire universe. Clearly underpowered and outmatched, members of the Jedi and the Republic will need to ban together in large numbers to have any chance of success.

Among the key points of interest from the trailer are some of the various locales players will be able to venture through — one that looks like Hoth and another that could be Tatooine — and brief looks at some of the larger scale battles, including some of the various Warzone instances that guilds will be able to participate in.

In addition to brief looks at ground combat, of both the lightsaber and laser rifle variety, there is a quick scene showcasing one of the space combat sections of the game. While reported to be “on rails,” these space sequences still look to deliver the illusion of freedom, and manage to imply the vastness of space thanks to their art direction. On top of that, they truly help The Old Republic give off that epic feel.


Though we still don’t have a solid release date (currently it is sometime after April 2011), each new look at The Old Republic seems to suggest that gamers are getting closer and closer to finally playing the game. Just this past week, potential TOR players were able to sign up and register their own guild — which certainly has to mean the game is close to being finished. Or at least millions of potential Jedi Masters and Bounty Hunters hope it does.

As we begin to see trailers crafted from in-game footage, do you think that means we are close to the release of The Old Republic? Does this brief hint of a storyline have you intrigued, or is it a little too generic?

Star Wars: The Old Republic will release no sooner than this April for the PC.

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