BioWare Instructs 'The Old Republic' Players to Avoid High-Traffic Servers

Bioware instructs players to avoid high traffic servers

The incredibly popular new MMO from BioWare, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is making headlines left and right, some being positive, others not so much. Boasting an impressive 1.5 million users already to date, The Old Republic has cultivated a solid foundation as it continues to grow its customer base.

Some of the derailing issues however, have kept rearing their ugly head as the launch hasn't been 100% smooth. Long server lines have forced BioWare to rethink its server strategy as players scramble to find a playable option. Also a major hindrance is the registration code fiasco, blocking some players from even playing the game, let alone on a congested and overloaded server.

While the registration code issue is still unresolved and bound to leave gamers looking to pull the ears of a few gundarks, BioWare has launched some new servers to offload some of those under a heavier user assault, and have identified that most of the offending servers were the earliest ones launched -- not surprising that gamers have yet to make the switch since characters cannot be transitioned from one server to another. When making a new character, BioWare wants its players to load them on the more emptier servers.

BioWare is also aware of the issue that is dumping players out of queue lines for servers for no apparent reason and is actively working on a fix for this new, unsettling issue.

Here is BioWare's full statement on the issue at hand.

As many of you know, we're experiencing high load and corresponding queues on some servers. This is to be expected during launch, as a high number of people want to play the game, and for long stretches at a time.

We're monitoring all of our servers around the clock, and we're raising server population caps where required. However, to ensure our long-term goals of server stability and healthy populations, we do not want to raise population caps too rapidly. We want incoming players to populate lower population servers. At the same time, higher population servers will not be 'locked' because we want to allow people to join a server to play with their friends if they wish to.

With this in mind, we wanted to notify everyone of some consistently high population servers. These servers are closing in on their absolute population cap (the maximum amount of players who can be on the server at any given time) and will likely have a queue to enter even at off-peak play times.

We strongly advise you to not create new characters on these servers, unless you are prepared to queue to play.

US-based servers

The Harbinger - US West Coast - PvE

The Swiftsure - US West Coast - PvP

The Fatman - US East Coast - PvP

EU-based servers

Bloodworthy - EU English - PvP

Frostclaw - EU English - PvE

Legions of Lettow - EU English - PvP

The Red Eclipse - EU English - PvE

Tomb of Freedom Nadd - EU English - PvP

Darth Revan's Mask - EU German - PvP

Darth Traya - EU German - PvP

Jar'Kai Sword - EU German - PvP

Hrakert Rift - EU French - PvP

Many of you who are already playing on these servers are asking for solutions, and we understand your frustration. At this time we can only ask for your patience. Population caps are being gradually raised on these servers, but raising them too fast will create an influx of new players and perpetuate the problem. We do not expect the queues to alleviate on these servers for the foreseeable future. If you do not want to queue, you should consider playing on another server, many of which have very low or no queues.

Character transfer is a common request for these servers. The ability to transfer your characters is being worked on, but there is no ETA on when it will be available.

Finally, we are also aware of the issues some have experienced where they have been disconnected during a queue due to internet issues, and had to restart their queue once more. This is a high priority for our server team and we'll be deploying a fix as soon as possible.

While opening new servers sounds like a great idea, without the ability to transfer characters from one server to the other is going to limit the amount of players actually making the transition early on in this process. Hopefully BioWare gets all the kinks ironed out with all the issues they currently have on their hands and allows the frustration level for their players to wane a bit. With as many moving parts that BioWare and EA have on their hands for this launch, it's not entirely unexpected, but that doesn't make the situation any less frustrating for players unable to play the game due to the various problems.

Ranters, are you queuing in long server lines for The Old Republic? Have you made a switch to one of the new ones yet?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is currently available for the PC. May the force be with you.


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