Rumor Patrol: No 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Until September?

Star Wars The Old Republic Release Date

Predictions that the BioWare developed massively multiplayer online role playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic would see release sometime in Spring of this year seem to have been overly optimistic. According to MCV UK, "development sources" put the release of the title at September 2011.

The Old Republic has been in development for over two years and is allegedly the largest and most content-filled game BioWare has ever made. Plenty of information has been made available on the title, including classes, planets, and ships.

The Old Republic is also BioWare's most expensive title to date, with targeted subscription numbers as high as two million necessary to recoup development costs and turn a profit. Everyone involved might be in a bit of a financial quandary, especially if investors in publisher Electronic Arts are betting against The Old Republic's "market success."

Despite the adversity the title is facing, it still looks impressive and could manage to put a dent in the World of Warcraft population. BioWare's focus on making The Old Republic a story driven game should set the title apart from the current crop of MMORPGs. Still, it could be tough ride, and one has to wonder about Electronic Arts' proposed ten-year lifespan for the game.

The bottom line is that the success of The Old Republic is extremely important to BioWare and EA. Three hundred million dollars is an enormous amount of money to spend on the development of a videogame, and if the company isn't able to recoup that expense, it could adversely affect them in the future.

No one wants to see BioWare take any layoffs. Of course, should the release of Mass Effect 3 later this year prove to be as successful as some anticipate, that might be able to offset some of the losses The Old Republic will inevitably incur during its opening months of operation.

Ranters, are you surprised to learn that The Old Republic won't be released until September, or did you already suspect it wouldn't make make it out in the Spring?

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be seeing a release exclusively on the PC, allegedly in September 2011.

Source: MCV UK

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