Star Wars The Old Republic Box Art Pre-Orders

With the San Diego Comic-Con only a few days away, ferrets continue to sneak out information early to throw up onto the internet. One of the bigger talking points that will be at the show is BioWare’s heavily anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic, which has been wrapped in a great deal of mystery thanks to it’s potential for MMO innovation.

Yet a little more light may have been cast on the title from “far, far away,” as Polish retailer Empik has somehow captured what appears to be the first image of Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s box art, along with information on some pre-order goodies — specifically, “a color stone to change your weapon effect.”

Massively was able to snag a picture before the listing was taken down.

Star Wars The Old Republic Box Art

This supposed information comes at a good time, since BioWare is set to make a pretty hefty announcement at Comic-Con, in addition to releasing new game footage, allowing playable floor demos, and participating in a Q&A session with fans. It might even be the chance for fans and the industry alike to find out when the game is being released (or how much money publisher EA Games has put into the development of The Old Republic at this point).

EA’s Frank Gibeau has already stated that The Old Republic will be packed with over 200 hours of gameplay per class, and will set the stage for all other MMOs, yet it still boils down to not having that magical date to let fans circle something on their calendars. With the beta still under wraps, it’s still too early to get excited over a snipped of box art.

We’ll have to see what the announcements will be, and whether or not BioWare can deliver the groundbreaking news that everyone is waiting for. In the meantime, keep an eye to Game Rant, as we’ll have Ranters on-scene at Comic-Con to bring you the latest as it happens.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to release sometimes in 2011, strictly for the PC.

Source: Massively, SWTOR

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