New Ability Delay Patch Now Available For 'The Old Republic'

New update for The Old Republic fixes the Ability Delay

In a role-playing environment, especially one where charged "spells" are essential, the time delay for using said abilities can sometime mean the difference between a character's life or demise. For Star Wars: The Old Republic, this was no different. Thankfully, thanks to the most recent update, players are now able to use their abilities more quickly with less delay.

BioWare has been very outspoken in its need for player feedback during the first month of their newest hit, soliciting player input even before the game went live during the extensive beta. Player feedback has been instrumental in uncovering bugs and exploits, and suggesting improvements. Families and Guild Banks were a result of such feedback, with the former implemented during the 1.1 update. Guild Banks are still slated to arrive during the next major update, which should go live in March.

For the Ability Delay patch however, the team at BioWare thought it was such a necessary update, not to mention easily implemented, that they went ahead and issued the update during the nightly maintenance last night, hence the new version number of the game, 1.1.0b, as explained by Georg Zoeller, Principle Lead Combat Designer for BioWare on The Old Republic.

"We decided that the improvements seen with this fix were significant enough for us to roll this patch out as quickly as possible instead of waiting for the next scheduled patch. Your feedback from the servers so far indicates that this change has had dramatic, positive impact on combat gameplay."

As more feedback is gathered, BioWare will be implementing more changes, and here is a rough road map given from Zoeller.

  • Additional fixes currently currently in testing for yet-to-be-released update 1.1.1.
  • Improvements to the readability of the new cooldown animations.
  • Even further improving the accuracy of cast bars, even after the most recent update.
  • Improvements to the responsiveness of individual ability animations, including faction specific timing differences and issues where shortening an ability activation time does not properly shorten it's animation.

From a veteran gamer, it is a pleasant sight to see a developer like BioWare vested so heavily in their online community as they are with The Old Republic. Even when things can and will go wrong, the continual interaction and feedback provide a congenial atmosphere with their subscribers.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available now for the PC.


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