After launching its Rogue One inspired expansion pack, reports from Star Wars Battlefront players reveal a number of new bugs including season pass content being locked.

With a brand new Star Wars film hitting box offices last week, Star Wars Battlefront launched its much anticipated fourth expansion pack to coincide with the anticipation of the movie. Rogue One: Scarif introduces a lot of new features including two new heroes from the major motion picture, a new game mode called Infiltration, and a long list of bug fixes. Unfortunately, it appears that the expansion pack also introduced a number of unforeseen issues for players including removing access to previously purchased content for the game.

The official Star Wars Battlefront forums have started to light up with reports from frustrated players who have started to see error messages indicating that previously installed season pass content is no longer installed. Worse yet, players quickly found that attempting to re-install each item was hit or miss with some unable to download portions of the previously released content at all including the newly released Scarif expansion.


Thankfully, EA and DICE are well aware of the content access problem and have issued a workaround for those affected by the bug. According to the developer, the issue stems from a new licensing change to the season pass content. Even if players have previously used the content before, each piece of content from the season pass must now be re-downloaded in order to acquire the new license files for each individual add-on pack. Thankfully, reinstalling the files will not actually install the entire expansion again, only a single license file needed in order to access the content.

While this new licensing issue may be the biggest problem, it’s not the only trouble that the latest update has caused. Smaller, but no less frustrating issues are being reported from the community as well including locked Hutt contracts for the medical droid, sonic imploder kills no longer registering, challenges getting reset or simply not responding, and an exploit during the U-Wing phase of the new Inflitration mode. Users have also reported that U-Wings sometimes appear as 10,000m away, which means the Inflitration match will never end.

An official bug tracking thread has been set up on the forums with a long list of known issues being worked on. At this time, no release date for a possible patch has been given.

With the last expansion pack in the season pass finally out fo the door, DICE and EA are pushing ahead for a Star Wars Battlefront 2 later in 2017. One of the big knocks against the current game in the series was the lack of meaningful single player content like a campaign. All of that looks to change however as EA previously confirmed that a single player story campaign, something that should make John Boyega pretty happy.

Have you experienced problems after installing the Scarif DLC? Share your frustrations below in our comments.

Star Wars Battlefront is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.