Lightsaber Battles Galore in 'Warzone' Trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars Old Republic - Warzone PvP Trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic, the be all and end all of Star Wars experiences, is making sure it can satisfy modern MMO fans by including its own version of PvP matches titled “Warzones.”

BioWare has released a new "Warzone" trailer - showcasing the awesome PvP system. Spoiler alert: Awesome lightsaber battles en route.

These objective based "Warzone" missions see two teams, one Empire and one Republic, battling to either achieve a goal or play defense. The new trailer for the game shows off one particular “Warzone” mission that has the Empire fighting off a Republic onslaught.

If you are prone to giddy fits of excitement when witnessing lightsaber duels, I would keep a paper bag handy - because this trailer has awesome written all over it:

MMOs achieve some of their greatest success due in part to their ability to bring an infinite number of players together to share in a unique experience. Questing alongside a friend is all well and good but nothing beats getting to test your skill versus that of an opponent’s in a PvP matchup. In today's ever growing MMO market adding PvP helps give your game a leg up and leaving it out is sometimes the kiss of death - so it's great to see the BioWare guys taking PvP seriously.

With a beloved property like Star Wars in the hands of such a capable development team, it is hard not to be extremely excited over every facet of this amazing game. Any aspect of the Star Wars universe, from star ships to the lesser known planets are given their due - under the watch of a competent team.

No matter how you wish to make your way through the universe, BioWare has something for you with customization options galore and a handful of classes that ensure your character will be both unique and tailored to your sensibilities as a gamer. Gamers around the globe can’t wait to join together in celebration, when the game launches next year, but get on the other end of our lightsaber and you’re toast.

PvP is shaping up to be another of the amazing features in The Old Republic, what are your thoughts on it after seeing the trailer? Is there a Star Wars-esque scenario you hope to see recreated in a “Warzone” match?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is set for release some time in 2011 for the PC.

Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic

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