The Planet Voss

The Planet Voss

With Star Wars: The Old Republic not being released until next spring, Bioware has been giving plenty of teasers to keep players interested. First, it was information on the eight playable classes, including variations between the Sith and the Jedi. Now more descriptions of the planets and characters are being shown.

Most Star Wars fans keep up to date with the novels and comics. For those that have just seen the movies or played a few games, knowing the difference between the 460 planets in the Star Wars galaxy can be a little bit baffling. So far, only twelve planets have been revealed for SWTOR. The first introduced planets, like Taris, Alderaan, or Tatooine, may sound familiar. But how about the newest revealed planet, Voss?

Voss is a very mysterious planet. With mainly mountains, rocky cliffs, and forests, only two known races inhabit the planet. The first are the Gormak, a pre-space flight but tech-savvy species who are extremely hostile. The second are the Voss, naturally gifted of the Force but ignorant of it’s nature. The Voss are under threat of extinction by the Gormak, who view them as unnatural. Both the Sith and Jedi agree that the Voss are Force users of incredible strength, but the Voss know nothing of the force and don’t care for outsider opinions.

What does this mean for SWTOR? If you chose the path of the Jedi, I can only guess that you will have to go to the planet of Voss and teach the naive species how to use the Force for good. However, if you chose the path of the Sith, you will probably start an altercation and try to take control of the planet. These are only my thoughts on the planet. I can only imagine the battles that will take place on Voss, a place where morals will surely clash.

Star Wars The Old Republic Update

Darth Malgus

There has also been information on several new characters. I’m a sucker for the Sith, so naturally my favorite is Darth Malgus, the fellow shown in the first official trailer. In the trailer, Malgus enters the Jedi Temple with bounty hunters and Sith to confront a group of Jedi. By the end of the fight, the Sith destroys the Jedi Temple and kills half the members of the Jedi High Council. I don’t think I need to elaborate much on what this means for SWTOR. Darth Malgus is leader of the Sith, enemy of the Jedi.

Another new character is Mandalore the Lesser, leader of the Mandalorians, also known as the Fett family. Mandalore called for the rest of the Mandalorians to confront the Knights of the Jedi Order. His plan was to cut off the Republic’s supply lines, but their blockade was quickly destroyed.

And last but not forgotten, the newest revealed character is a woman named General Garza. She was one of the most experienced officers of the Republic military and received many awards. Considered a tactical genius, she played a great role in the formation of the Republic’s special forces. However, her reputation as a merciless and relentless leader made her a controversial character.

That’s all the news for now. Keep an eye out for more Star Wars: The Old Republic updates and don’t forget to sign up for the PC beta! What are you looking forward in SWTOR?

Source: SWTOR Official Site