'The Old Republic' Trailer Details Update 1.2 Changes

Star Wars Old Republic Update 12 Trailer

While any game these days worth its salt is certain to receive at least a few updates and expansions post-launch, BioWare is getting more than a little carried away with the Game Update 1.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The number of changes and improvements are almost too numerous to list, so the development team has decided to release an in-depth trailer simply showing how different the game will be once the update arrives.

Despite The Old Republic's initial success and critical reception, there doesn't seem to be any time or energy being wasted by those charged with keeping the game new and exciting. BioWare has already made it clear that players should get used to massive changes going forward, but if Update 1.2 is any sign of how comfortable the developers are with tweaking the formula, it's hard to know what the game will look like a year from now.

Some game studios might take a record like 'fastest growing MMO in history' as a sign that their product isn't in need of correcting, but from UI customization to the mysterious Legacy System, nearly every aspect of The Old Republic will be getting an update of some kind.

New class races, pets, and the chance to finally make your droid love you await in Update 1.2. Have a look at the trailer to see the changes in action:


The idea of joining alternate characters in one family tree may have seemed like a complicated mechanic, but in practice seems straightforward enough. The same can be said for the PvP Warzone rankings and Guild Banking, which caters directly to the hardcore players who often suffer a lack of endgame content. The Legacy System will also be bringing new incentives to higher-level players with new abilities and unlocks, but new equipment will also be introduced to players game-wide.

The number of adjustments and new features are too numerous to show in a single video, but even with this brief look, the future seems bright for TOR subscribers. As the first major update it's hard to be disappointed with how many fan requests and concerns are being addressed, and it's safe to assume that this will become a trend.

While Mac owners are still unable to craft a Star Wars saga of their own, the idea of a Mac release is still likely on the minds of those at BioWare. On the bright side, Mac gamers may see a vastly improved gameplay experience if it does come to their platform, freed from the glitches that plagued the PC release.

What aspects of the update are you most looking forward to? If you've somewhat cooled on the game since its release, does this new content and customization pique your interest?

The Old Republic Game Update 1.2 is expected to arrive some time this month.

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