For a new title to break into a well-established gaming genre, it’s quite an impressive accomplishment. Breaking into the MMO world though, is a completely different story. In order to break into the mainstream, comparisons to a certain Blizzard titan are unavoidable. Numerous strong contenders have fallen at the feet of the mighty World of Warcraft, and now, BioWare is looking to take a stake of the massively multiplayer market with their upcoming title, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Not only will The Old Republic garner some serious support for focusing more on story than on the grinding which ends up hurting many MMOs, but it will also allow gamers to adjust their play-style on the fly rather than being placed in the role of tank or dps right from the beginning. Judging by the recent mission walkthrough video, the game looks to be coming together quite well and seems like it will have the polish that many MMOs tend to lack. Only time will tell though.

In the meantime, a recent video detailing the progression of the Jedi class was released, giving insight into how players will grow should they choose to join the good side of the force. For those looking to be a little bit more nefarious though, there’s always the Sith. While gamers have already got a look at a trailer showcasing the Sith offensive, they now have a new video to enjoy which provides a look at the progression of the Sith class. Check it out below:


Many gamers will still be disappointed by the fact that the lightsabers don’t seem to react like lightsabers should, simply bouncing off like wooden swords, but there’s still a lot to love in this trailer. It’s no surprise that Blizzard is wishing success for BioWare with this title. While they may be competing, it’s admirable to see BioWare attempting something new in a genre that’s gotten quite stagnant. Not only is their inclusion of voice-acting throughout the game quite incredible, but the class system looks like it could make for some rather interesting encounters. By allowing gamers to take on more than one archetypal role, they will have more freedom to explore what they enjoy playing more and become more versatile players because of it.

The trailer may not have given any new details on the different ways that gamers will be able to play a Sith, but the visual representation of the Sith’s progression from early game to late game in the different talent trees is still quite interesting.

Are you starting to warm up to the idea of The Old Republic being an MMO rather than just an RPG? What would you like to see out of the sith class when the game launches?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to hit shelves sometime in 2011 for the PC.