A few days after the Bioware countdown started a mysterious log-in page for Star Wars: The Old Republic appeared. Users with an account for the game can log-in to see an empty server list and a glaring red message stating: “No game servers are currently available for play.” Rumors and speculation could be found everywhere stating that the countdown was leading to the initial Star Wars: The Old Republic beta.

Since then a community representative from Bioware posted a number of responses confirming that it is, in fact, the launch portal for the upcoming beta program.

He also had this to say:

“Yes, it is indeed called the Game Testing Program and not anything else. As when we originally announced sign-ups, Game testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic will be rolled out in several phases over an extended period of time. These test phases will begin with smaller, tightly focused test groups, and later tests will expand.”

So while he neither confirmed, nor denied the rumor that the countdown is related to the beta, it would appear that this is not the case. If the beta implemented slowly, and in tightly focused groups, it’s unlikely Bioware would arrange such an attention grabbing countdown. Why create such a media frenzy for a beta with only a few thousand participants?

Beyond the clock, it does look like the beta is approaching. If you haven’t already, make sure and visit their Beta Account Portal, register and update your information so you can be considered for the first wave.

Excited about Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ranters? Think the beta is just around the corner?

Source: Darth Hater