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Star Wars The Old Republic Patch 111 Notes

An online persistent world is only as good as the people monitoring it, and the team behind The Old Republic is showing that no hiccup or glitch is too small to be addressed promptly and fully. The newest Patch 1.1.1 is bringing several adjustments to missions and instanced combat, so if a few quest shave proved especially problematic for you, they might finally be fixed.

It's a little too easy to take shots at BioWare given the past few weeks of The Old Republic drama. The support team may be going as far as updating the game between patches, but the sheer absurdity of several glitches and exploits may have more observers laughing than applauding.

Whether it's the ability to defeat enemies with the power of dance or accidentally banning a user for an ill-timed joke, The Old Republic has been providing more entertainment than World of Warcraft in ways that the development team never intended. These were easy enough to disregard with a chuckle, but when the Rise of the Rakghouls content update introduced a serious PvP exploit players grew understandably frustrated.

Thankfully BioWare has kept their word of supporting TOR vigilantly, and Patch 1.1.1 remedies the turret situation on Ilum among others. Have a look at a few of the more impactful changes inbound:




    • Fixed a bug that could cause the Global Cooldown to appear as if it has been cancelled when it is actually still in effect, resulting in a feeling of unresponsiveness to input.
    • Corrected an issue that could cause an ability icon to appear usable but be unresponsive to clicks or keypresses for several seconds.
    • Players revived by other players, including by in-combat revival abilities, now revive with 25% of maximum health.


    Directive 7

      • Bulwark's Area of Effect cone abilities now properly fire in the direction Bulwark is facing.
      • Some of Bulwark's abilities were incorrectly susceptible to interruption. Bulwark is now immune to interrupts.

      The False Emperor

        • Fixed a conversation that could cause the cinematic with Arkis Wode to function incorrectly.

        The Foundry

          • Fixed an issue that could prevent the final fight in this Flashpoint from beginning after the cinematic.
          • The final boss can no longer become stuck in an invulnerable state; there was still a small window where this could occur.

          The Red Reaper

            • Lord Kherus now grants less experience.
            • Some of Lord Kherus's abilities have had their damage values adjusted to be more in line with the level of the Flashpoint.
            • Players now enter into melee range with Lord Kherus in order to stop him from throwing crates.


            Eternity Vault

              • Players no longer randomly die in this Operation after being in Gharj's lava.

              Karagga's Palace

                • Foreman Crusher's enrage now includes a movement speed increase, allowing him to catch players who attempt to run.
                • Fixed an issue that prevented the Materials Disposal Unit's main control station from becoming useable again after the Operation Group is defeated by the G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator on 16-man Hard Mode.
                • Fixed an issue that prevented the G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator from deploying the correct number of Proximity Pulse Mines and Security Stun Drones during combat.
                • The damage from G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator's sticky pulse grenade will scales appropriately for the selected Operation difficulty level.
                • Karagga no longer fires his Unstable Energy twice in a row.
                • Taking the shuttle after defeating Karagga no longer transports players to the incorrect hangar.
                • Walls that were missing in Karagga's Palace are now in place.


                  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players in Operations Groups from receiving credit for the missions "[WEEKLY] Deadly Operations," "[WEEKLY] Galactic Operations," and "Journey to the Belsavis Depths." The entire Operations Group now receives credit when the objective is completed.



                    • Declaration of War: The mission will now progress as intended when players interact with their ship's holoterminal.
                    • Debriefing: The ship Holoterminal conversation related to this mission is no longer repeatable.
                    • The Eagle's Nest: The Assassin's Fortress mission is now correctly a prerequisite for this mission.
                    • Number One with a Bullet: Corrected an issue that prevented Bounty Hunters from leaving The Founder.
                    • The Mandalorian Killer: Thendys Noori no longer continues to heal Kellian Jarro after she has surrendered.
                    • Reallocation: The final mission conversation will now begin as intended when players interact with their ship's holoterminal.
                    • The Voice of Darkness: Fixed an issue that could cause Class Story mission progression to enter an incorrect state.


                      • Death Spiral: Fixed an issue that prevented Jedi Knights who completed the Commander Rayfel encounter from using the shuttle back to Belsavis Orbital Station.


                      Bug Fixes

                        • Kintan Behemoths no longer occasionally walk on top of trees when in combat.

                        PvP Warzones


                          • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from receiving mission rewards for completing Warzones.


                            • Players are no longer able to climb out of the attacking team spawn area in the hangar before the match starts.

                            World PvP


                              • Additional base turrets now protect the taxi location inside each faction's base.


                              Be sure to check out the full list of class changes and attack tweaks on the game's website, and when you're finished with that, prepare for the next patch, likely arriving within the next week.

                              Hopefully now those players who have been steering clear of Ilum due to the Valor exploit will give it a shot, and all of the issues that arose with the 'Rise of the Rakghouls' can be put to rest. In all likelihood though, more issues will be popping up for the foreseeable future. And while BioWare's founder might love a chance to do The Old Republic's launch over again, all a subscriber can really ask if that issues are dealt with as soon as they appear.

                              Have you run into any of the issues being fixed with Patch 1.1.1 or are these only affecting a minority of player experiences? Any other glitches that you've encountered that have yet to be addressed? Let us know in the comments.

                              Star Wars: The Old Republic is available now for the PC.

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