Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets New Alien Species & Customizable Ships

Star Wars The Old Republic

This year, E3 showed a lot of promise for console games. However, my most anticipated game isn't on a home console - it happens to be a PC game.

I wasn't let down. BioWare had a number of updates for fans of the upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The beautiful "Hope" trailer was just the beginning - as a lot of other news came out.

First off, we're getting player ships, think Han Solo's Millennium Falcon, only the ships are completely customizable - and every body gets one. There are Smuggler ships, Trooper ships, Imperial Agent ships, Bounty Hunter ships, Jedi ships, and Sith ships.

Ships are a place to socialize with other players, to talk to your companion characters, or to show off your awesome decorating skills. Check out the trailer below - which showcases the interior of the Jedi Corellian Vanguard-Class Light Corvette and Sith Fury-Class Imperial Transport.


In the video, we see control centers, communication areas, and even bedrooms. The customizable options look really epic - the tools are in place to put together some amazing ship interiors.

E3 also showed two new non-human species.

First is the Chiss race - available to Imperial Agents. The Chiss are tale, blue-skinned, red-eyed, and dark-haired people from the Unknown Regions. Previously, the galaxy had little contact with the Chiss civilians.

The second race, the Twi'lek, is my favorite one and is available to Smugglers. You've probably seen them before, usually as the sexy blue, red, or green babes with tattoos all over - and brain tails popping out of their heads. Females are usually slaves, but they are an intelligent, beautiful race.

With any MMO, we can also expect armor progression. Not only will your character have awesome stats, but you can customize their look - making them as intimidating as you'd like.

In this new video, we can see a few of the "thousands of armor sets and equipment available to the Bounty Hunter." Not only does armor make you look cool, but it will also affect combat.


If all that wasn't enough, there is one last update - War Zones.

Whether you chose a Sith or Jedi class, you need to defend your allegiance. It is called Star 'Wars' after all. War Zones are team on team combat matches between the Republic and Empire.

The first War Zone is on the mountains of Alderaan - and players will fight for control over several important areas.

With all this news, it's almost overwhelming to think about all BioWare has been able to include in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Several classes, combat, ships, war, and a great story - everything you can expect from a great MMO. Besides a much-needed graphic update during combat, I think the game will be one of the best.

Expect to see Star Wars: The Old Republic sometime in the spring of 2011 for PC.

Are you as excited as I am for Star Wars: The Old Republic? What do you think of all the updates?

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