BioWare has graced us, yet again, with another dev diary, giving us insight and making us giddy for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each dev diary focuses on a certain aspect of the game, and in this one they let us into the anticipated MMO’s world of combat. The video has commentary from a handful of the developers deep in the project.

Co-founder of BioWare and Group General Manager Ray Muzyka expresses his confidence in the game’s combat:

“[Combat] is the essence of feeling heroic. We’re really striving to progress the way we show combat. I think MMO’s – we’re going to take them to a new level in the way combat unfolds in The Old Republic.”

If that’s not enough to get you pumped, the developers explain how their goal is to have you feel immersed from the get-go by having a slew of awesome abilities and skills available right away. Based on your class, you can demonstrate a ton of tactics starting at a low level. Choreographed light-saber fights for Jedis and Sith, range attacks and cover for smugglers, and jetpack air attacks for bounty hunters are just a few to expect.

It also seems the experience will evolve from the typical MMO combat style. The plan is to get away from the “step-and-repeat” combat and feeling of disengagement with your opponent. Combat will feel more choreographed and seamless, allowing you to link attacks to groups of enemies versus just one at a time. BioWare wants to emphasize a heroic feeling in the game and produce sheer enjoyment and satisfaction with this chapter in the Star Wars universe.

The video dishes a healthy serving of gameplay and is worth a look so check it out below and let us know what you think!


What are you most excited about with The Old Republic? Any ideas of what class you want to jump into first?

Source: GameTrailers