Companionship is essential in Star Wars: Han Solo had Chewbacca; C3PO had R2D2. For most Bioware games, like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or Baldur’s Gate, quests are often based around helping characters and having them follow you. Remaining traditional, it was revealed that Star Wars: The Old Republic also has companion characters.

Companion characters compliment player’s strengths and weaknesses and provide company on your long journey. Whether they are used for combat, as a friend, a lover, or just for a good laugh, they will always contribute to your adventure. Companions can be bizarre aliens from any race, pirates, or a droid. Each class of character will have a separate list of potential companions to join up with, as well.

“In Star Wars: The Old Republic, a variety of these Companion Characters will join your cause. Some will join you for adventure, some for greed, and some for motivations that will remain hidden until much further along in your adventure. The Companions run the gamut from intelligent droids to bizarre aliens, from an honorable princess to a roguish pirate, and each class has a completely unique set of Companions.”

Companion characters provide conversation, tips on plots, and directions to points of interest. They will also try to influence your decisions. In return, you change how they develop. As you can see, the potential for loads of side quests is here. I also think BioWare is banking on players becoming attached to some of their companions — and that can only make companion-based side missions all the more compelling.

As  you become more experienced, more companions will try to join you.  As you travel with them and get to know them better, they will  become stronger. You will also be able to enhance your companions by equipping them with various gear.

“As your team grows and develops, new options, strategies, and tactics will become available. When you’re headed to “The Tomb” on Belsavis, who will you bring to watch your back and help out the rest of your group? Do you bring the hard-as-nails soldier who will help keep your enemies’ attention off of your group, the gifted battlefield medic who can help keep everyone alive, or do you bring your ever-faithful Astromech whose computer skills may be the only hope for completing the mission? These are just some of the choices you will make while you and your Companions roam the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

Star Wars the Old Republic Companion Vette

The first companion shown is Vette and she is availabe to Sith Warriors. Vette is a Twi’lek, my favorite race from Star Wars. She was born a slave, and after the pirate lord Nok Drayen destroyed her owner’s holding, she was given a choice to pick freedom or to join him. Vette chose to become a pirate.

Do you think that the companion characters will work well in an MMO? Will your choice of companions effect which class you play as?

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be coming sometime in Spring 2011 on PC.

Source: SWTOR