'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Bounty Hunter Update and Trailer

The Old Republic

It's been a while since any substantial information has been released about Star Wars: The Old Republic, but the official site has been updated this weekend with a report on the recently announced class, the Bounty Hunter.Previously we have been introduced to classes such as the Trooper and the Jedi Knight, as well as a few of the other Sith classes, but this is one of our first detailed look at what is sure to be a favored class come the game's release.

These "infamous and anonymous" mercenaries are hired by the Empire to take out targets that are causing more trouble than they are worth. Although the Empire does not approve of their independence and difficulty with following direct orders, the bounty hunters that continually prove themselves to be loyal and effective can quickly climb the ranks.

The Bounty Hunters are no pushovers either. Of all the classes, they have what is possibly the most impressive arsenal:

"Their legendary abilities in this arena have earned them the nickname "Jedi Killers". Whoever they must face, however, the Bounty Hunter comes armed with the most-advanced weaponry on the black market, packing heavy firepower but always keeping a variety of tricks and gadgets ready to go."

The Old Republic

The "Jedi Killers" are not stuck with just one path either. In fact, their choices range rather extensively for those who want to play the Bounty Hunter either one way or another:

"The technology your Bounty Hunter uses is up to you; choose to specialize in prototype shield and heavy armor technology to become an unstoppable Powertech, or spend those hard-earned credits on the most destructive arsenal available as a Mercenary."

Whether you choose to be a defensive tank or a guns-blazing warrior, the Bounty Hunter class gives you that choice. The update has also provided some specific details as to what the class will be doing within the world of The Old Republic:

  • Meet Mako, an orphaned computer slicing prodigy from Nar Shaddaa who can join your Bounty Hunter as a companion.
  • Discover more about the Rattataki, a species with a violent history perfectly suited for Bounty Hunting.
  • Tracking marks through the galaxy requires the perfect ship. The Kuat Drive Yards D5-Mantis Patrol Craft satisfies all the Bounty Hunters’s needs — speed, efficiency, and unstoppable firepower.

And what would an class update be without a new class video. Check out the Bounty Hunter is action below.


The Bounty Hunter is shaping up to be quite an interesting class, and depending how heavily the lore will affect the gameplay of the Bounty Hunter, it could be one of the most dynamic classes as well. Does this update change anyone's mind as to what class they might choose once the MMO finally drops?

Star Wars: The Old Republic should be out some time in 2011, exclusively for the PC.

Source: (via VG247)

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