The Old Republic: 'Your Saga Begins' Launch Trailer

Star Wars Old Republic Launch Trailer

When you give an MMO a name like Star Wars: The Old Republic, the fiction and memory tied to the space opera tends to overwhelm any other influences. But what can't be overlooked by fans and MMO players is the studio behind the new  project, and the dedication to story and decision-making that BioWare has shown. In the launch trailer for The Old Republic, the developers of the game explain everything a player needs to know before starting their own Star Wars adventure, and why each and every one will be just as important.

There's every likelihood that serious fans have already taken a look at the greater fiction at work in the game's universe, and how this battle between the forces of good and evil will differ from those of the films or television shows. With The Old Republic taking place thousands of years before the films, many of the player's experiences could have monumental effects on the Sith and Jedi philosophies they thought they understood.

Story is the heart of The Old Republic, and not as simple as the decision facing players to choose between Alliance or Sith. BioWare has previously released videos detailing the heroic sacrifices that returned the Sith from extinction, which certainly paints the triumphant return of the Sith in the game's opening cinematic in a different light.

Any chapter of the Star Wars fiction is difficult to explain quickly, and with the MMO apparently encompassing Knights of the Old Republic 3-9 it's even less possible. So we'll leave that task to the developers themselves, giving all the details players need to know about the development, plot, gameplay, and future of The Old Republic.

It's all here in the launch documentary 'Your Saga Begins.' So sit down, buckle up, and get ready for what may be the game you Star Wars fans have always dreamed of:


So there you have it: the Sith are back, and the galaxy is at war. That is certainly a premise that can spawn plenty of gameplay, and with over 200 hours of content for each class to start, there's nowhere to go but up. It's difficult not to get excited about the potential of The Old Republic to become more than just a game, and create a new universe that fans of MMOs and Star Wars can escape into for years to come. BioWare is aggressively planning future content, and Electronic Arts' predicted lifespan for TOR of at least a decade is enough to make the game a dream come true for fans of great storytelling - provided the game doesn't disappoint.

The expectations are high, but so is the potential for success with a group as seasoned as BioWare and a mythology as rich as that of Star Wars. Which aspect of the game are you most looking forward to, the universe and stories, or the chance to experience them on a singleplayer basis? If you have yet to jump headfirst into the game, be sure to prepare yourself for the extensive character creation process.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available for the PC now, provided you can find a copy.

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