If there’s one thing that the long lists of successful and failed game launches makes clear, it’s that money follows where players are most excited. The developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic have given plenty of details on the player classes that their newest MMO will offer, but the newest trailer is all about the action. Players will have to choose sides in the war between the Sith and Jedi, but the latest ‘Join The Fight’ trailer shows that every type of player will get the chance to deal out damage in spectacular fashion.

It’s not easy to find massive amounts of success in the MMO space these days, with the existing juggernauts like World of Warcraft dominating the market.

The Old Republic has got to make the most out of the Star Wars name if they want to differentiate themselves from their competition, and the story we’ve seen so far looks to do just that.

The gameplay of an MMO has become a foregone conclusion, and our experience with TOR at E3 showed that it’s more than competent where the actual mechanics are concerned. But let’s be honest, people don’t line up to buy a game because it’s gameplay is just as good as expected. They line up for action, and the chance to take the fight to their enemies in satisfying ways.

Regardless of your preferred character class, the newest trailer for The Old Republic shows that none have been overlooked. Check it out now:


The way the classes are presented is definitely reminiscent of BioWare‘s other major science fiction property, Mass Effect. But where player classes are little more than allocated talent points in many modern games, we know that each class in The Old Republic is given an extensive progression tree.

It’s possible that a few of the classes seen in the trailer will seem like ones you’d like to try, or maybe even fight for either side of the Sith/Jedi war. You’re in for more than a good amount of content if you choose that route, with each class offering over 200 hours of gameplay. If the point of the game is to give players the chance to tell their very own story in the Star Wars fiction, BioWare is doing everything they can to make it possible.

What class will you be choosing to play as in The Old Republic? Will you be sticking to your usual types, or does the Star Wars universe have you interested in trying something new?

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be released sometime next year, exclusively for the PC.

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