‘Old Republic’ Signs of War Trailer; European Launch Date Announced

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The Old Republic Signs of War Trailer

Assassinations? Corruption? Political Conflict? No sign of Jar Jar Binks? If the latest trailer for The Old Republic is to believed then it looks like the battle for the galaxy isn’t going to be an easy one – but then again when is war ever simple?

Showing off epic battles and backroom conflicts, the latest trailer for The Old Republic seems to hint that the final game will make waves when it launches later this year – and not just because it’s a Star Wars title.

The premium MMO will, in classic BioWare style, offer a deep story, which will even allow players to have romances with other characters. As is common in the Star Wars universe, players should realize that there is more than meets the eye – and the world of The Old Republic appears to be rife with more conflict than Jedi VS. Sith, as players will have to be wary of corruption by politicians as well as fights from warring factions, among other things.

The title is also said to clear up the story of the infamous Darth Revan, a character familiar to anyone who has played BioWare’s exceptional Knights of the Old Republic. Sadly he does not make an appearance in the trailer, though it still worth a look for those interested in the game.

While the Jedi are certainly struggling to find any sense of hope left in the galaxy, it seems that European fans need no longer worry about The Old Republic‘s release date as EA has announced that the MMO will launch simultaneously in both North America and Europe. The North American release date was previously revealed by BioWare and the title was expected to launch at a later date in other territories. This also means that European fans interested in playing The Old Republic will now be able to do so in tandem with their American friends – but anyone interested in the title should hurry up and pre order their copy, as EA plans to limit the amount available on release date.

Seeing as how The Old Republic will be a premium MMO, it will be interesting to see how it fares at retail. With many games become free-to-play it’s possible some players may not find enough value in The Old Republic – while others will no doubt still view the game as a worthy investment. The Old Republic does have the benefit of having both the Star Wars name and BioWare name attached to it, though it will still be interesting to see how the title does in the long run.

One thing is for sure though, whether the game is a financial success or not no Star Wars fan can deny how much they want to see HK-47 again, the human-hating robot from Knights of The Old Republic.

Star Wars: The Old Republic hits shelves on December 20th, 2011, the digital version will only be available via Origin because EA doesn’t like money.

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Source: VG247