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Depending on your point of view, Ewoks are either adorable woodland critters or one of George Lucas’ biggest mistakes. Teddy bear combatants with an eye for a trap, these forest-dwelling freedom fighters are now available for play in Star Wars: The Old Republics latest 2.3 patch.

Appearing in the ‘Cartel Bazaar’ region of the in-game fleet, ‘Treek’, a female Ewok Bounty Hunter is the latest companion to be made available for the lightsaber swirling RPG. Introduced via a humorous cutscene, the pint-sized assassin requires a Legacy Level 40 rank to unlock, as well as a costly, 1 million credit mercenary contract.

SWTOR Producer Corey Butler has already assured poverty stricken space-farers that the game’s “cartel coins” will help make up some of that steep fee, though live server prices are, as always, apt to change.

Treek’s abilities include Heavy Armor use, heal and tank stances, a 5% boost to her party’s overall “Mission Efficiency” and a further 1% boon to companion crafting. Legacy appearance perks come in at a cool quarter-of-a-million credits, and require that the player enjoys friendly relations with the Bounty Broker’s Association.

Treek’s attacks include:

  • X’ekra Stance — A protective stance that increases threat generation by 100% & shield chance by 20%. Taunts are also used, whenever possible.
  • Fektur Stance — A healing stance that increases healing by 5% and decreases threat generation by 25%. Healing power cool downs times are also lowered.
  • Dalboolhat Stance — A modifying set of skills for the X’ekra & Fektur stances. X’ekra – Immobilizes enemy for 2 seconds and deals kinetic damage. Fektur – Reveals status of enemy and replenishes player health when that enemy is attacked
  • Klektuhkuh Thleek — Spear-throwing attack, causes additional bleeding damage for 15 seconds. More powerful when used in conjunction with X’ekra stance.
  • Siz Whistle — Flamethrowing attack dealing elemental damage. Also boosts armor rating by 20% for 15 seconds. More powerful when used in conjunction with X’ekra stance.
  • Boom Thuk — Cluster bomb group attack dealing kinetic energy. Sleeping, lifted & incapacitated enemies remain unharmed. More powerful when used in conjunction with X’ekra stance, reducing enemy damage by 5% for 8 seconds.
  • Fektur Sleesh — A group heal move. Requires Fektur Stance
  • Fektur Dart — A regenerative heal move lasting for 12 seconds. Undoes a status ailment every second.
  • Fektur Sling — A group member heal move.
  • Tana Teeket – A modifying set of skills for the X’ekra & Fektur stances. Requires at least 70% HP. X’ekra — Stuns enemies for 4 seconds. Fektur — Hides Treek for 4 seconds, significantly reducing her combat threat.

SWTOR ewok update 2

Despite developer BioWare’s inclusion of interspecies, and later same-sex relations (in that peculiar order), the smart money’s against there being any kind of bizarre tryst with Treek in the offing. Instead, players can look forward to learning more about the Ewok’s wide-eyed and bloodthirsty take on the universe, including a starship thieving origin tale so bloody it defies belief.

A self-proclaimed “legend” on her home planet of Endor, Treek is the first Ewok to be given a substantial speaking role since Return of the Jedi’s Wicket. Originally envisaged as a battle between Chewbacca’s warlike Wookies and the Empire’s combat elite, the film’s eventual climax featured a far more kid-friendly (read — merchandise moving) display of action. Given that the film’s tribal warriors were as quick to take up arms against Stormtroopers as they were to try and devour Han, Leia, Luke and Chewie, Treek’s grim verbalization only adds to the species’ now vicious reputation.

Patch 2.3 also adds a new mission area, two flashpoint encounters and a number of welcome fixes to the mix.

  • Daily mission area CZ-198 now available for level 55 players. A Czerka-held moon under threat from both Republic and Empire interests.
  • Flashpoint – ‘Czerka Corporate Labs:’ An assassination mission available to both factions. Available in optional Hard Mode.
  • Flashpoint – ‘Czerka Core Meltdown:’ A story mission available to both factions. Available in optional Hard Mode.
  • Various economy balancing fixes.
  • Alderaan PvP glitch fixes.
  • Graphical update – introduces a more vibrant environmental color palette.

Star Wars: The Old Republic patch 2.3 has entered public testing. Players with a high level, copied character are encouraged to check it out now. Wide release of the patch is imminent.


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