'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Might Be Coming to the Mac

The Old Republic Being Considered for Mac

While there are already millions of gamers enjoying their experience with Star Wars: The Old Republic this very moment, there are an even greater number of gamers who are relegated to the sidelines -- segregated by a lack of competent hardware. The Old Republic, while filled with tremendous appeal, isn’t going to be able to reach the fan base BioWare would ideally like it to — it’s just the nature of the MMO beast.

But that doesn’t mean BioWare isn’t considering expanding The Old Republic’s potential player pool; they actually would love to, or at least that’s what Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk are saying. Before anyone gets too excited, the doctors over at BioWare are not looking into a console version of The Old Republic, they’re actually considering doing a Mac port of the game.

In a brief interview with Joystiq, Muzyka says that he is well aware of the amount of BioWare fans that unfortunately happen to be Mac owners and thus are unable to partake in The Old Republic. He also says that he wants to serve that audience, but isn’t ready to make an announcement just yet.

Macs have long since been considered the inferior personal computer platform when compared to PCs, but recent developments with Steam and Apple have helped bring a certain level of equality. And one has to think that with World of Warcraft, The Old Republic’s biggest competition, being available for Mac, porting the game is inevitable.

The two acknowledge that it isn’t completely impossible for a Mac owner to boot up The Old Republic, if one has a competent knowledge of Boot Camp, but that is a far cry from a dedicated Mac port. But the idea and the desire are there, and that’s the most important step.

So, while The Old Republic currently isn’t headed to the Mac, the idea of its transition to that platform is being tossed around at BioWare. The game’s already hugely successful on the PC, and that success would increase exponentially once more gamers are able to get their hands on it.

Would you like to see Star Wars: The Old Republic get a Mac port? Will we ever see the day when a PC release always includes a Mac port?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available now for PC.

Source: Joystiq

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