One word. Epic! BioWare unveiled a new cinematic trailer for their highly anticipated MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, at E3 today – and it did not disappoint.

Check out the cinematic trailer, titled “Hope,” below:


Awesome, right? This trailer delivers excitement, as it was meant to do. It leaves you wanting more and makes you yearn for the gameplay. Every cinematic that has been released for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been like a movie – pulling you into the premise with just enough mystery to keep you hooked, wishing it would keep going.

I can’t help but hope that the action in the cinematic will reflect the gameplay. From the various details announced we know the weapons and skill sets are there, but the action I’m talking about is the environmental type. Like the cinematic, I want to be able to force pull a tree onto my foes, or force push them into a cliff causing the rocks to crumble on top of them and claim myself victorious.

That type of immersion, mixed with the MMORPG aspects, would create a multi-dimensional experience. Taking some of the features from The Force Unleashed and instilling them within The Old Republic would make such a vicious combination. Either way, with or without an interactive environment, I’m still super excited for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

An army of delivery droids are programmed to deliver Star Wars: The Old Republic to stores in Spring 2011 for the PC.

What do you think about the cinematic trailer? Are you planning on picking up Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Source: VG247