When word first broke of Disney’s acquisition of Marvel, many speculated that this would be a landmark joining of two major brands. And then, when the company took control of LucasFilm, it seemed like Disney was putting themselves on a path for dozens of crossovers, from Pixar-produced superhero films to Star Wars-themed amusement parks.

For us gamers, however, the union of Disney with Marvel and LucasFilm (parent company to game developer LucasArts) meant some pretty exciting interactive experiences were likely in our future. It wasn’t a question of if, but simply a matter of when.

While we know that Electronic Arts is hard at work on several Star Wars products, we still haven’t heard much about Star Wars or Marvel games from the Disney branch. Sure, there has been some speculation that Disney Infinity, the new Skylanders-esque, collectible-fueled sandbox from the mouse house would soon feature Star Wars and Marvel characters, but we haven’t seen that yet.

Nevertheless, it appears that possibility is still very much in the cards for Disney Interactive, and we may see Marvel and Star Wars iterations soon. A source close to Disney Interactive claimed as much on Monday. The source revealed this information a few days before Disney Interactive is slated to reveal their quarterly financial numbers.

Disney Infinity Review

Unfortunately, while Disney Infinity sold well, it apparently didn’t sell well enough for the company to avoid layoffs. Word is that the layoffs will be company-wide, about 3,000 staff members in total, with developer Playdom taking a substantial hit. Obviously, company layoffs are a sobering part of this industry, and our hearts go out to anyone affected, but we’re talking about Disney Infinity here.

Star Wars and Marvel versions of Disney Infinity are coming, that much was clear the second DI announced their new franchise, but the question is how the publisher plans to use the new brands. While the characters of Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Cars can all mix and match in the Disney Infinity world, it’s unclear whether that’s true of Star Wars and Marvel. It would be great to see Disney Infinity 2 incorporate both brands, and characters from those respective brands, but it’s equally as likely that we will see both a Disney Infinity: Marvel and a Disney Infinity: Star Wars. If Disney Interactive is struggling financially, they will want to get as much mileage out of the Infinity franchise as they can.

Would you like to see the characters of Star Wars and Marvel folded into a Disney Infinity sequel, or separate titles for each brand? Which do you want to see first: Star Wars or Marvel?

Source: Wall Street Journal (via VG 24/7)