Rumor Patrol: Star Wars Xbox 360 To Release In April

Star Wars Xbox 360 To Release In April?

Earlier this year, to coincide with the launch of Star Wars Kinect, Microsoft and LucasArts also unveiled a stunning Star Wars themed Xbox 360, that was set to launch this year. However, constant delays caused the console to be pushed back into 2012, and now we may have a more solid time frame.

The system - which makes R2-D2 noises upon start up - is rumored to launch in April 2012, though nothing more specific has been given. EB Games currently has the console release date as March 1st, 2012, though this is most likely just a placeholder date (typical GameStop-esque marketing plot) as Microsoft has yet to announce anything specific.

As well, gamers should expect this to mean that Star Wars Kinect will also launch around the same time, as the system itself is bundled with the game.

Sources are also saying that the Xbox 360 will appear on an unnamed, though supposedly popular television show in late February 2012. A photo of the console on set has also been released:

The Star Wars Xbox 360

The Star Wars Xbox 360 is probably one of the greatest things ever created for fans of both Star Wars and video games. The console will cost $449.99 USD, but contains plenty of extras such as a white Kinect sensor, a C3P0-themed controller, and the aforementioned inclusion of Star Wars Kinect. Say what you want about the game, but this console looks cool. As a huge Star Wars fan, I'll definitely be buying this, though I guess I, like many others interested should probably start saving up now.

Oh, and according to Kotaku, Microsoft wouldn't comment on the rumored release date. That probably means it will release in April seeing as how just about every time a publisher says "we do not comment on rumors or speculation" they actually mean "yes, it's all true!".


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Source: Kotaku, EB Games

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