Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Where to Find All Secrets on Bogano

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is by far one of the most in-depth, massive games of this generation of console. With a file size to fill the planet of Naboo, and then some, this game has plenty of secrets and hidden gems to discover. For now let's start with just one planet, Bogano, and discover all the secrets it has.

There are several skills needed in order to accomplish everything on Bogano. So it is heavily suggested that players continue to collect all echos and upgrade skills as needed. The skills needed to find all the chests and secrets for this planet are: Force Push, Force Pull, Wall Run, Swimming Under Water, Double Jump. With these skills, gamers can complete all there is to discover on the planet Bogano.

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Chest #1

Upon arrival to Bogano, have Cal follow the path right underneath the landing pad. There will be a chamber with a locked door and a giant ball inside. Force push the ball, even freezing it, to get it on the raised platform to unlock the door. Now, settle in, because this planet especially has a lot to offer, and nowhere near the length of time it takes to complete Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Item - Stim Canister, increases the number of stim canisters.

Chest #2

Starting near the Mantis, head straight down the path and off to the left where there will be a metal bridge and climb up the grass to the top of the mesa. Head off right to the area where players can find an echo from a fallen Bogling. From there travel off to the left where there will be a chest at the edge of an L-shaped path. Beware of enemies ready to ambush. This item will help players upgrade Cal's lightsabers, which can be a unique and useful tool throughout the game.

Item - New Lightsaber Sleeve,  Peace and Justice II

Chest #3

From here travel along the path to the right, avoid the gaping hole in the ground and travel just beyond it where a column holds yet another chest. Double Jump to get across the path and open the chest. This is also a great location to find one of the many seeds for the Terrarium.

Item - New Lightsaber Material, Neuranium

Chest #4

Travel back to find the bridge that's tilted upwards. Force Pull that down to create a path to run across. There will be a crane-like fixture off to the left; move towards that and swing across the gap to the next platform. When players land, take a look behind to see large Fans. Swing back across the gap towards the fan while holding down R1 to stop the fan blades. Beware of multiple enemies in the area - a double-bladed lightsaber can be useful in warding off multiple enemies. Once inside uncover the next chest.

Item - New Mantis Paint Job, Republic

Secret #5

Off to the left of this chest will be a lower platform with a new Force Essence. Hop down to acquire it.

Item - Force Essence, this will increase players' force abilities as the game progresses.

Secret #6 & Chest #7

Climb back up the cavern and find the pipe leading into the alcove. There will be another large fan that players will have to slow down so that they can safely travel across the pipe. There will be a second pipe just outside and above. Hop on here, and follow this path to a mysterious cave. If there's a meditation circle nearby it's best to save as there will be a mini-boss to defeat. As soon as that's completed there will be one secret and one chest.

Item - Life Essence, similar to the Force Essence for every three of these they will increase Cal's health.

Item - New Poncho Material, Sumi

Head back out through the entrance and retrace steps back to the pipe. Jump from the pipe to the second pipe and cross over to the far platform. Pass by the Meditation circle, into the door just to the right. Wall Run across the gap and climb up the grass vines to the left. Hop down to the platform below just past Great Divide Meditation Circle. Swing across the broken bridge to discover one of the easiest chests to find in this location.

Chest #9 & 10

Just outside of this alcove is another grass wall to climb up. Use the zipline up to the next platform and there will be two chests to uncover.

Item - Light Saber Material, Corundum

Item - New Lightsaber Sleeve, Valor and Wisdom II

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Chest #11

Once these chests have been opened look to the right to find a zipline heading down. Zip over this onto the platform below. Drop down to the second platform below that and head off to the right across the broken bridge. Head down the second zipline to the far platform, but make sure to hop off early onto the platform with the elevator-like lift that will instantly start to rise. Take a look around, there will be a chest on a raised hillside. Jump to unlock the next chest.

Item - New Lightsaber Switch, Walor and Wisdom II

Chest #12

Continue back to the base of the lift and Wall Run across the gap until players see a rusted bridge. Force push that to complete the bridge and climb across. To the right of the bridge is the next chest to find a new skin for the player's BD-1. This skin is a great look for BD-1 and another step further to unlocking more trophies. There is another chest nearby but players will return to this area later to find that chest.

Item - New BD-1 Skin, Z'Gag Wave

Chest #13

Continue along the path into the alcove with the platform and the water. Start swimming down below the platforms. There will be a chest in the basin of the water.

Item - New Emitter, Valor and Wisdom

Chest #14

Continue to swim around in order to find the second chest at the base of the platform with the spiral walkway.

Item - New Lightsaber Switch, Valor and Wisdom

Secret #15

Next, swim back up to the platform and climb up the grass ladder to the top. A few Boglings will lead Cal to a locked door that BD-1 can hack through in no time. From here there will be a Force Essence to acquire. When players gather more than three Force Essences, Force power will increase, one of the many great aspects of the game.

Item - Force Essence

Chest #16

For this next secret, things get a little tricky. No, it's not Dark Souls make you smash your controller difficult, but it is tricky.  Players will need to travel to the Subterranean Refuge and drop down to the right of the Meditation Circle. Follow the path to the cavern below. At the back of the cavern is a mudslide path but players can Double Jump and Wall Run up the path.

Once players land at the top, turn back around to Wall Run and Double Jump to the vine hanging down in the middle. Swing to the next vine hanging down in the middle of the room, and Wall Run on the wall to the left into the alcove above. From here, players should rejoice, as this may be the most difficult Life Essence to find.

Item - Life Essence

Secret #17

From this cliff, jump down to the bottom, and return back to the Meditation Circle. From here Wall Run to the right, players will land on a short platform. From here, continue on by Wall Running even higher to a second platform. Players will then need to turn around and notice a large stone at the top. Press L2 to pull the stone down and use it as a step up. Jump up to the platform above to uncover the next chest.

Item - Stim Cannister

Chest #18

From here players need to climb up the grass ladder to the top. Take the white slope upwards and hop off the cliff to the landing below. Here players will find yet another chest.

Item - New Outfit Material, Pathfinder

Chest #19

Drop down the cliff off to the right into the center of the mining area. Follow it down to that rusted bridge from earlier where Cal uncovered the new skin for his BD-1. Continue to the alcove with the platforms and the water and continue up the spiral staircase. There will be a door at the top of the path that BD-1 will hack for players to get through. Continue through this path and Wall Run across the gap.

Head out the door, past the Meditation Circle, and go left at the split. Climb up the grass ladder and head towards that crane-like structure again. Travel past the crane and a chest will be off to the right. This will unlock another item to upgrade and customize Cal's lightsaber.

Item - New Lightsaber Material, Lamina Steel

Chest #20

Turn around and across the way to the right is another chest next to what looks like a rib cage. This chest may be hard to locate due to the tall grass.

Item - New Poncho, Offshore

Jump down from here and move towards the double ziplines just beyond the bones. Take the zipline on the left-hand side. There will be another path circling down a spiral staircase to discover the next chest.

Item - New Emitter, Eno Cordova

Chest #22

Item - New Lightsaber Switch, Eno Cordova

And there it is! Every last secret and chest on Bogano!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available now for PlayStation 4, and will be available for PC users in 2020.

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