GR Pick: A Montage of Hoth Battles from 'Star Wars' Games

Star Wars Hoth Battle Compilation

Look, we were as disappointed as anyone to learn that DICE's upcoming reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront was still at least a year away from release. We understood it, but that "See More Spring 2015" tag on the end of the EA's trailer was nonetheless deflating.

Part of that feeling of disappointment had to do with how great the game looked, even in an early conceptual stage. Seeing Hoth and Endor rendered in stunning detail was the appetizer expected to see last year, but seeing it a full year after the game's big reveal was the biggest tease.

Still, seeing Hoth back in action triggered a nostalgia in us that extends well beyond just the Battlefront franchise. The icy locale has become a mainstay of almost all Star Wars games — to the point it's almost a requirement.

While some may argue as to what is the best Hoth level in a video game (hint: it's the one in Shadows of the Empire), a devoted Star Wars fan and YouTuber has put together a montage of what appears to be iteration of Hoth battle featured in a video game. Check it out below:


Packaged in the compilation are such Star Wars hits as Rogue Squadron, The Empire Strikes Back from the Atari days, Lego Star Wars, and, of course, the original Battlefront. Funny enough, just as the Hoth battle level has become a staple of the Star Wars video game, or at least those developed by LucasArts, so too has the AT-AT tow cable become a gameplay staple of Hoth levels.

Although DICE has yet to confirm any elements of Star Wars: Battlefront, the concept trailer does show a T-47 Airspeeder, which leads us to believe the developer is making a hard play for fans' nostalgia. Matter of fact, the first trailer for Battlefront featured an AT-AT stomping through Hoth, so putting those pieces of footage together it's pretty safe to assume some tow cable mechanic will make its way into this new game.

When Electronic Arts snagged the Star Wars rights from Disney (the new owner of LucasFilm/LucasArts) many feared the IP would tank, but thus far it appears the publisher is doing right by fans. They've put their best people, including some intriguing new hires, in charge of new Star Wars games and clearly they're giving these devs the time and creative freedom they need to get each game right.

What is your favorite Hoth level from a Star Wars game? And why is it the one in Shadows of the Empire?


Source: YouTube

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