More 'Star Wars' Games Hit GOG: 'Rogue Squadron,' 'Empire at War,' 'Rebellion'

Star Wars Empire at War, Rogue Squadron on GOG

Hope you're not sick of seeing re-releases of older Star Wars games, because today GOG brings another handful of those games for its customers to enjoy. Earlier this week, the digital games distributor introduced several Star Wars games including, for the first time digitally: Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Star Wars X-Wing Alliance, and Star Wars Galactic Battleground Saga.

The slew of Star Wars titles came about as a part of GOG's new partnership with Disney Interactive (which is proving to be of benefit to everyone), and while the release of the aforementioned games made many happy, the multiplayer components were pretty underwhelming. Regardless, the 'new' games were welcomed with open arms, and a countdown on's front page teased more to come.

Which brings us to the present, January 22, and the arrival of three more Star Wars games, with two that are also making their digital distribution debut on GOG.

"The time is now! Lucasfilm strikes back with three more Star Wars classics available now on! This means the exclusive digital premiere of two more spacefaring titles."

GOG shoppers can now relive the enjoyment that comes with the following games:

Star Wars Rogue Squadron X-Wing

Checking the comments within the product pages for the above three reveals that there's no universal issue like the multiplayer modes for the first set of games released on Tuesday. However, with Empire at War in particular, a few people have made a few notes, saying the game gets repetitive after a point, the AI doesn't act on its own sometimes, and there's very little replay value after completing the game. As one commenter put it, "the only fun to be had is basically scripted."

It's unlikely that this is the end of GOG's recent team-up with Disney Interactive, as evident by the newer (and longer) countdown that now graces the site's front page. Give it another four days before checking back to see what's been added, and like last time, GOG isn't giving out any hints. On the upside, there's now another chance for someone's favorite Star Wars game to be re-released, if it hasn't already.

Just as we asked last time: are there any Disney Interactive games you're hoping join GOG's catalog? The distributor's 'Wave II' looks like the best chance for that specific game to make a come back.


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