It is May the 4th and the retailers are grabbing hold of excuses to discount Star Wars games. We’ve rounded up all the hot deals from Origin to Steam.

PC gamers are getting big discounts this May the 4th aka Star Wars day. Origin, GOG, and Steam all have sales going on with discounts up to 75% off. Steam and GOG are running discounts mostly on old titles, but Origin has a deal on their platform-exclusive, Star Wars: Battlefront.

In fact, Battlefront is at an all-time low at $23.99 (60% off). The previous low was $30 during a few early-2016 promotional sales. Not only is it cheaper, but Origin is even offering you a free 4-hour trial period to decide through the month.

If you’re looking for any old school Star Wars title, it’s probably on sale at either GOG or Steam. The DRM-Free GOG has two bundle offers going on features the Dark Forces Series, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter series and more. There’s even a brand new release at GOG, the popular N64 title Shadows of the Empire is 20% off (released just this week on PC). Steam has basically the same prices as GOG with a few different bundle combination of games. All noteworthy games to browse through.

Star Wars PC Game Deals



Steam & Others

Which games do you plan on picking up for Star Wars Day? Is there anything missing from your catalogue?