'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2' DLC Allows Gamers To Explore Endor

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Endor DLC

The forest moon of Endor, home of the Ewoks and one of the places explored in the Return of the Jedi movie, will be featured as downloadable content in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. Despite less than steller reviews, LucasArts is striving to provide players of the game more ways to use the Force beyond the main campaign.

In the movie, Endor and its inhabitants play a crucial role in the Galactic Civil War, including the destruction of the second Death Star by the Rebel Alliance. The Endor Bonus Mission DLC planned for later this year will give gamers a chance to take Starkiller into a historic setting in the Star Wars universe. Players will be able to have a "What If" type experience in what LucasArts Singapore executive producer Gio Corsi calls an "infinite storyline".

"...much like the Hoth Bonus Mission from the first Force Unleashed game that gave us an alternate take on that iconic battle from the Empire Strikes Back."

Due to the fact that this mission falls inside of the "infinite universe", players will not be allowed to bring their suped-up Starkiller from the main campaign along for the ride in this new DLC. It makes sense because of the alternate universe gamers will be playing in. A different universe means different leveling for Starkiller, according to Corsi.

"We leveled Starkiller differently for the DLC since this adventure falls into the 'infinite universe.' He does have the same abilities as he did in TFU2, which allows Starkiller to start kicking [butt] right from the get go."

So, wielders of the light saber and those strong in The Force will not be handicapped in anyway. Those who purchase the bonus mission will be able to have battles with Ewoks on Endor, using those punishing abilities that were available to them in the main game. Gamers will be able to strive to obtain more achievements through this Endor Bonus Mission DLC. The bonus mission, which will have Starkiller on the forest moon during climatic scenes from Return of the Jedi, will be comparable in length to the add-ons from the first Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Is this DLC offering of interest to you? Is enough motivation for you to grab your light sabers and battle once more?

Source: Joystiq

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