Watch the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Remade in 'GTA V'

Stars Wars Trailer Recreated in GTA 5


The Grand Theft Auto modding community has brought us a great many things over the years. Using Grand Theft Auto 4 as its base, modders have been able to do everything from recreate Watch Dogs to parody Flappy Bird.

And while we're still waiting to see what modders can do with Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, some console gamers have already started the ball rolling. One recent mod, for example, let players sink Los Santos under the sea, as if the city had been overrun by a tsunami.

This latest GTA 5 creation, however, is not a mod, but is instead a remake of a very popular trailer using Rockstar Games' 2013 release as its base. We of course are talking about the Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens trailer, and the results are pretty clever.

As Ranters can see in the video above, the creators of this Grand Theft Auto 5 remake trailer have put a lot of work into nailing the tone and feel of JJ Abrams' teaser footage. Since Star Wars and GTA exist in two very different genres it's hard to find direct analogues, but the filmmakers do well to create their own versions of Stormtroopers, Tie-Fighters, and Millennium Falcons. Even the soccer ball droid, BB-88, has a Grand Theft Auto 5 counterpart.

Stars Wars Trailer Recreated in GTA 5

Besides being an impressive little fan creation, this Star Wars remake trailer is also likely to boost enthusiasm for the impending Grand Theft Auto 5 PC release. Just imagine what types of sci-fi creations modders would be able to deliver with the power of Rockstar's latest at their fingertips. We bet if there are enough Star Wars fans out there that some modder could turn those fighter jets into actual Tie-Fighters.

Unfortunately, we still don't have a release date for the PC port, only a release window. We know that the version is in the “final stages” of development, but that could mean anything when it comes to Rockstar. After all, these are the same developers who have been teasing GTA Online heists for close to a year.

What do you think of the Grand Theft Auto 5 remake trailer? What other trailers would you like to see remade using GTA 5?


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