'Star Wars' is Coming to 'Disney Infinity' Next Year

Disney Already Planning Star Wars Games

When Disney Interactive first unveiled their new toys-to-life title Disney Infinity it was abundantly clear that they were setting up for the long haul. Like Infinity's closest competitor, Skylanders, Disney wasn't going to settle on just one game, but they are hoping to build a billion dollar brand.

Part of that requires including properties that aren't just Disney but Disney-owned. That's why this year's entry, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition), focuses heavily on one of Disney's more recent and profitable acquisitions.

Building off of that it was a pretty safe bet to assume that Disney Infinity might one day include Star Wars in its toys-to-life experience. Disney had just acquired LucasFilm and although they had given the major game development rights to EA, they still kept a little something for themselves. As a result, most figured that a tie-in between Disney Infinity and Star Wars: Episode 7 was all but a given.

And while Disney Interactive has yet to make it official, they have now all but confirmed that fans will see a Star Wars tie-in for Disney Infinity in 2015. Read the brief quote from John Vignocchi and John Blackburn below:

"We can talk about the future, but that's far, far away...2015 is not so far, far away anymore, is it?"

It seems pretty evident that Disney is no longer going to play coy. Star Wars is absolutely in their plans for Disney Infinity and even though Marvel Super Heroes has yet to release they want to get fans excited for the future.

Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes Figures

However, the bigger question is whether or not Disney will continue to build off their established brand or release a completely separate Star Wars expansion. Although Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) packs a solid and diverse cast, there are still plenty more characters and properties left to explore. Will this third release focus on Star Wars but still include new Marvel heroes and Disney characters?

The good news is that even if this is a standalone release (albeit with some Disney figures) there is a rather substantial library of Star Wars properties to draw from. Granted, some fans would rather Disney Infinity skip the prequel trilogy, but the chance to release a Darth Maul figure is too good to pass up. There's also the Clone Wars TV series, which has accumulated quite a following on Cartoon Network and will have big appeals with younger games. And, of course, whatever JJ Abrams is currently working on in London...

Are you ready for Star Wars to invade Disney Infinity next year? Or would you prefer more Marvel characters?


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