Star Wars Director Really Digs The Warcraft Movie

Warcraft Movie

The director of Star Wars Episode 8 takes a break from working on the next Skywalker saga film to gush about the Warcraft film and its director on Twitter.

Warcraft may not have been a critical darling, but the Duncan Jones adaptation of the Blizzard property made a nice chunk of change overseas and was fun enough to entertain many fans. There is a lot to enjoy in the film, despite its many flaws, and the director of Star Wars Episode 8 has been praising the movie, as well.

Although the Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft lore is usually considered the best material, the film starts from the beginning and focuses on the initial encounters between the orcs and humans. This set the stage for some great follow-up films, but many critics complained that the movie felt more like a prequel than anything else. Despite those complaints, Looper and Brick director Rian Johnson seems to really admire what Duncan Jones did with the franchise.

Johnson has been busy working on the next Skywalker saga Star Wars film (not to be confused with this winter's Rogue One), but finally got a chance to watch Warcraft and took to Twitter to offers his congrats to Jones on Warcraft...


Jones thanked the Star Wars director and joked back by asking him how things were going on his little indie. The film certainly isn't for everyone, but it was clear from the start that Jones had his heart in the right place and wanted to deliver a finished product that would honor the games and make fans happy. His attention to detail with every weapon and costume is enough to make most Blizzard fans geek out.

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Jones has expressed interest in directing a full trilogy of Warcraft movies, but so far no follow up has received the green light. The movie pulled in an impressive amount of revenue in China, despite floundering in North America, but it was far from breaking any financial records for the studio. Jones is busy working on his next indie film at this point, called Mute, so fans of the orcs versus humans franchise can hold out home that a sequel may still be on the way in a few years. The film definitely comes to a close right as things are getting interesting, so returning to Azeroth on the big screen again could make for a fun adventure.

What did you think of the Warcraft movie? Would you be interested in a sequel? Let us know in the comments.

Warcraft is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. World of Warcraft: Legion is now available on PC.

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