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In two days, online forums and social media will be inundated with “May the Fourth be with you” well-wishes as Star Wars Day arrives once again. To celebrate Star Wars Day, is having a special sale on all things Star Wars, with over a dozen games available for 77 percent off retail price.

Right now on the gaming sales site, gamers can check out an “Everything Star Wars” page, that shows what the upcoming discount prices will be for each game going on sale. It also has a countdown showing the sales is good for the next ten days, so gamers have a little time to pick up the Star Wars titles they want.

Right now, all the Star Wars games are under $5, with most coming in below $3, so it’s a great time to pick up these games at a great price. Games include favorites like Knight of the Old Republic 1 and 2, Rebel Assault 1 and 2, TIE Fighter Special Edition, and the Jedi Knight series.


It’s also worth noting that Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available, but it’s the 2005 version, not the Battlefront 2 set to release later this year for current-gen consoles. In fact, gamers should be aware that the games on sale for Star Wars Day are all from 2006 or earlier, so there likely won’t be any of the more current Star Wars games on sale during the next week and a half, at least on

Fans of the Knights of the Old Republic titles still have hope that a remake will be available from Apeiron, though there’s still not word when that will be released. The latest update for the remake came almost a year ago, so there’s no telling when it will be available. With that in mind, picking up the original Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel for a few bucks each is a great deal for fans of the series.

Additionally, grabbing nostalgic Star Wars games is a great way to prepare for the horde of new Star Wars games on the horizon. Along with the new Star Wars Battlefront 2, gamers will be getting a “groundbreaking” Star Wars title from Visceral Games, a developer known for its highly-acclaimed Dead Space series.

star wars battlefront 3 spiritual successor headed to steam

There’s also a new Star Wars game in the works at Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the Titanfall series, though that Star Wars title is still a ways off.

In the meantime, gamers have plenty of options with the sales, and as the Star Wars saying goes, “May the Fourth Be With You.”


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