It’s Star Wars Day, May the 4th, and while gamers are still reeling from the loss of LucasArts, some gamers are looking back on the legacy of beloved Star Wars IPs. It also happens to be free Comic Book Day, but that’s just a happy coincidence.

Speaking of Star Wars, a livestream took place earlier today, which featured pre-Alpha footage of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 — the long-in-development-but-eventually-cancelled title from Free Radical Design. Through the grapevine we learned that LucasArts eventually scrapped Battlefront 3, but this footage gives some idea as to what the game might have been like.

Unsurprisingly, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 looks exactly how fans would expect a sequel to look. Obviously, it’s pre-alpha footage, so most of the textures and physics are not all there, but the gameplay is spot on Battlefront.

For more than an hour, the folks at Past to Present Online streamed Star Wars: Battlefront 3, and have been gracious enough to upload their stream for all to see. Footage of the game has popped online before, but only in bits and pieces.

Unfortunately, this is only a glimpse of what could have been. While Star Wars: Battlefront 3 might have been almost 99% complete (according to sources), it seems this game will only live on in pre-release footage. Unlike Star Wars 1313, though, gamers had a pretty clear indication of what they were getting with Battlefront, which makes the loss all the more disappointing.

In happier Star Wars news, Steam is celebrating the 4th with a weekend-long sale of Star Wars titles. You might not be able to play Battlefront 3, but you can pick up Star Wars Battlefront 2 for less than $4.

Some of the other Star Wars titles on sale include Republic Commando ($3.39), Knights of the Old Republic, and The Force Unleashed. Gamers can purchase any of the on-sale titles at the 66% off discount, or they can pick up the full Star Wars Collection for $49.99. Head over to Steam for more details.

How are you celebrating Star Wars Day? Do you think we will ever see another Battlefront now that LucasArts is no more?

Source: Past to Present Online, Steam