Star Wars Game Announced for Nintendo Switch

The annual Star Wars Celebration event has begun and it is already offering up big announcements for gaming fans of the sci-fi series. While the big reveal of the event is expected to be the first trailer for Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, news of another new Star Wars game is being welcomed too.

At Star Wars Celebration, it was confirmed that the Nintendo Switch is getting its first Star Wars game. Called Star Wars Pinball, the game is a pinball machine game for the Nintendo console that will be released as a digital download to Pinball FX3. The game will feature 19 digital pinball tables as well as new tables based on the original trilogy, the prequels, and the newer Star Wars movies. Solo, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One (which has also featured in Star Wars Battlefront) will be in Star Wars Pinball as well.

There will be some special features added for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. One of these is a game mode called Galactic Struggle. Galactic Struggle is described as a "community based" mode that allows players to compete for points and add these to the light or dark side tally. While some may be expecting the light side to get all the points, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 story campaign was all about the Imperial Army. So, some gamers may feel like going over to the dark side for Star Wars Pinball too.

Star Wars Pinball Nintendo Switch screenshot

There's also a career mode, which will let players be a Jedi or a Sith "as they work their way up the ranks" and a Force Training mode to help pinball newcomers learn how to play. Fans shouldn't expect the career mode to be as extensive as the (rumored) story of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. However, the Star Wars Pinball career mode could be a nice way to explore the lore of the franchise.

It has been confirmed that Star Wars Pinball will make good use of the Nintendo Switch's hardware too. The game will be compatible with HD Rumble, and the vertical screen orientation means that players can turn the Switch's tablet on its side to expand the pinball table to the whole screen.

Some Star Wars fans may have been hoping for a larger Star Wars game on the Switch, such as a Switch port of one of the Battlefront games. There is still hope and the success of Star Wars Pinball could give Disney a reason to make that happen.

Star Wars Pinball will be released in September 2019 on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Star Wars

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