During Sony’s E3 Press Conference, the company reveals Star Wars Battlefront: X Wing VR Mission, a Criterion Games title that puts players in the pilot seat.

Sony has officially revealed that it has partnered with Criterion Games to bring a VR experience to the Star Wars universe. Sony made the exciting announcement earlier today during Sony’s E3 Press Conference, showing off their new parnership in the form of an announcement trailer for Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission, a VR title which is exactly what is sounds like.

The admittingly short trailer shows off some hype-building X-Wing dogfights, and the fact that the trailer was accompanied by a live orchestra didn’t hurt things, either. As the spaceships whooshed around, the classic Star Wars sounds came into play, which should leave fans with a good sense of nostalgia.

Gamers can take a look at the short Star Wars trailer below:

The 40 second trailer didn’t feature any release date, but we wouldn’t shy away from guessing that X Wing VR Mission is likely one of the 50 promised VR titles that are poised to release for the PlayStation VR before 2016. The PlayStation VR itself is scheduled to release on October 13, which gives Criterion Games ample time to polish off the title. The studio crushed rumors of a Burnout Paradise remaster months ago, stating that it was working on ‘better things’ – and now, fans can judge whether this was a correct statement.

The developers state that gamers will be impressed by sheer size of things in the virtual reality world of X Wing VR Mission, quipping that hardcore Star Wars fans may think they know how large a Blockade Runner or Star Destroyer really is, until they see it from the perspective size of a pilot. If there’s one thing the virtual reality industry is good at proving, it’s that seeing is believing.

As icing on the cake, the title will be free to anyone who has previously purchased Star Wars Battlefront, as a thank you for their loyalty in the Star Wars brand. For those who didn’t make the purchase, no pricing details have been revealed so far.

The entrance of Star Wars into the virtual reality marketplace wasn’t the only major VR-centric announcement at Sony’s E3 Press Conference today, with Sony revealing that other fan-favorite series like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy would be entering into the virtual reality marketplace, too.

Star Wars Battlefront: X Wing VR Mission will debut exclusively for the PlayStation VR, likely later this year. The title will be free to anyone who already owns Star Wars Battlefront.