Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition Announced


Video game publisher Electronic Arts officially announces the forthcoming release of Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition during the 2016 holidays.

Ever since its launch in the fall of last year, the developers for Star Wars Battlefront have put out loads of post-launch content in order to keep fans of the first-person shooter engaged with the science fiction action held within the game. Now, in order to celebrate the one year anniversary of Star Wars Battlefront going on sale, Electronic Arts has decided to announce that it will be putting out a version of the FPS that contains all of the assets to be released for the title by giving the game its own Ultimate Edition.

As detailed in an official blog post from Electronic Arts, Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition is set release sometime this November for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and it should have all of content found within the title's Season Pass. This means that not only will fans of the shooter be able to purchase the Ultimate Edition and receive the base game, but also its expansion packs of Outer Rim, Bespin, Death Star, and even the add-on based on the forthcoming film with Rogue One: Scarif.

In full, Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition will offer fans of the classic science fiction franchise the chance to pick up over 30 different maps, 14 Heroes and Villains, and 14 game modes all within one single package. However, Electronic Arts has yet to provide an exact release date, nor has it revealed precisely how much it will cost.

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While the announcement of the Ultimate Edition ought to come as good news to gaming fans who have yet to pick up Star Wars Battlefront, it might cause those who bought the title early on to kick themselves for not waiting for this specific version. After all, nowadays most major Triple-A games with copious amounts of post-launch DLC tend to receive their own Ultimate Editions that not only have all of the content that developers will provide for the release, but also get priced at an identical cost to the day one version.

Of course, those who have already purchased Star Wars Battlefront can at least take solace in the fact that they contributed to the success of the title, which helped facilitate Electronic Arts' decision to release a sequel in 2017. Not to mention, avid players will also have the advantage over newbies coming into the game when it comes to being familiar with Battlefront's maps, modes, and gameplay.

Taking all of this into consideration, one can only surmise that DICE and Electronic Arts will use the cumulative profits for Star Wars Battlefront and its Ultimate Edition to give fans an even more polished and sumptuous offering in the follow-up slated for next year. Of course, fans of the franchise will likely get even more excited about its release if it includes a single-player campaign.

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition is set to launch sometime in November 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Electronic Arts

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