Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Highlights Heroes and Villains

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A new Star Wars Battlefront trailer highlights the battle between heroes and villains, showing off special abilities from Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Emperor Palpatine.

The hype is already strong with Star Wars fans for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, but thanks to a new trailer revealed at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference, gamer excitement is more palpable than ever. After watching the trailer, it’s easy to see why Star Wars Battlefront, which launches in just under a month, is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of the year.

The two-minute trailer shows of a handful of in-game locations and epic battles between the Rebels and the Empire. Soldiers and Storm Troopers battle it out for control and victory. More importantly, though, the trailer highlights a few of the game’s well-known hero and villain characters, as they join the battle of good vs. evil.

Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Emperor Palpatine all join in the action alongside Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. Concerning the first three, gamers get their first real taste of the characters’ special abilities.

Han Solo carries his signature blaster, which is undoubtedly more powerful than those wielded by the Rebel and Empire peons. The Millennium Falcon pilot also has a shoulder charge ability that knocks opposing players through the air.

Princess Leia acts as a support character, calling in supply drops and throwing up defensive shields for allies. While she may not be as in-the-action as other heroes and villains, her efforts will undoubtedly go a long way to helping the Rebel forces.

Finally, Emperor Palpatine has his trademark force lightning ability that can cook a Rebel to extra crispy in a single second. Though it seems, at least in the trailer, heroes with light sabers (i.e. Luke Skywalker) stand a chance at defeating the Sith lord.

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It’s clear from this trailer that players are in for some legendary showdowns between heroes and villains when Star Wars Battlefront launches next month. And considering the Star Wars Battlefront beta was EA’s largest beta ever, it’s safe to say gamers are excited and ready for the opportunity to jump in and take on their favorite Star Wars characters.

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Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on November 17, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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