‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Gameplay Footage Aims to Break the Internet

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Star Wars Battlefront Trooper Banner

The road to Star Wars Battlefront has been a rocky one, full of rumors, hype, and speculation. Despite the game’s incredible fan following, we’ve still seen no live gameplay. Stunning concept art and the promise that the game will carry on in the tradition of its predecessor has been enough to keep gamers believing in the Star Wars FPS, and it’s not stopping any time soon. Today, the developers of the game are continuing their trend of hyperbole with promises about the upcoming reveal of gameplay footage.

DICE revealed that the first gameplay trailer for Star Wars Battlefront will drop in just a few days, on April 17. In anticipation of the big reveal, EA’s Star Wars Instagram account slowly revealed a series of fragmented images (reassembled above) that fit together to form the figure of a Stormtrooper.

In addition to the Star Wars Battlefront image tease, DICE staffers have been sharing their plans for this week on Twitter. After the hype that the cinematic teaser generated, the company really needs to deliver on the gameplay footage. Based on the language they are all using, it seems like the phrase “break the internet” may be something that is said around the DICE office pretty frequently:

And here are a few images teasing just how detailed the Star Wars Battlefront models will be:


A photo posted by EA Star Wars (@eastarwars) on


A photo posted by EA Star Wars (@eastarwars) on

If fans didn’t already have incredibly high expectations for the upcoming gameplay footage reveal, they most certainly do now. It’s not all that surprising to see the team behind the game speak so highly of it, so it’s hard to decide just how groundbreaking this footage will really be. That said, there is at least one outside source who is also vouching for the game’s quality.

The development team has kept all gameplay assets (aside from a few select pieces of concept art) behind closed doors and they’ve been successful in avoiding any leaks, but industry insider Tidux claims to have seen some footage and took to Twitter with his reactions. Tidux released no proof that he has seen the footage and very well may have just been trolling his followers, but:

Star Wars Battlefront is scheduled for a holiday release date, which will make it one of the flagship games during the current console generation’s second year. Historically, this is around the time in a console life cycle that we start to really see what the hardware is capable of, so the optimists among us hope that Star Wars Battlefront will truly showcase the power of the current generation.

Regardless of whether you believe Tidux’s claims or the hype that DICE is spreading, we will all be able to judge the footage for ourselves when it goes online at the end of this week. Be sure to check back for the reveal Friday afternoon.

Do you think the Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage is being overhyped or do you expect to be blown away by its reveal? Let us know in the comments.

Star Wars Battlefront releases holiday 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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