According to the latest technical report from the crew over at Digital Foundry, Star Wars Battlefront has only improved since its massively successful beta test. After exploring the rather impressive PC specs of the game a little more than a month ago, the European outlet has now taken a look at the title’s final code for its PlayStation 4 version, reporting that it runs smoothly at a solid rate of 60 frames-per-second on Sony’s current-gen console.

While the findings are indeed promising, it’s important to note that the site’s analysis only took into account the Star Wars Battlefront play sessions that involved 30 players in one battle, as they have yet to investigate what a maxed-out multiplayer mode with 40 gamers would look like. However, Digital Foundry assured fans that more in-depth analysis would be published sometime soon. Regarding the announcement, the researchers said:

“What we have here is basically a very stable 60fps. It’s not perfect – there are duplicates popping up here and there in select situations – but the overall level of performance is remarkably stable here, a far cry from Battlefield 4. DICE has achieved a level of performance on par with the likes of Metal Gear Solid 5 and Halo 5.”

Should these technical aspects actually translate into the final product after Star Wars Battlefront‘s launch, it would help Sony further promote its recent claims behind why shooter fans are switching to PS4. However, without a thorough examination of what the game’s performance on Xbox One is like in comparison, Sony’s argument won’t hold much water as far as Battlefront is concerned. Not to mention, it would be truly strange if developers skimped on the quality of the Xbox One port, as it would only make for more work to be done in the future by way of patches and updates.

Today’s news supports DICE’s confirmation in October that it has planned on prioritizing Battlefront‘s frame rate all along, by sacrificing resolution the process. Of course, that doesn’t mean the game is a slouch in the latter department, as the studio’s sci-fi shooter looks pretty stellar in terms of its visuals overall. As it happens, scores of fans have been reporting generally positive experiences while checking out the title’s offerings via EA Access.

Since Star Wars Battlefront officially goes live in less than 24 hours, hopefully DICE’s and EA’s dedicated servers will be up to the challenge of hosting the myriad players looking to jump into the galactic fray. Of course, with all of the information developers have received by way of the beta test and from fans sampling the game’s content this weekend, the launch should do well.

Star Wars Battlefront releases tomorrow on November 17, 2015, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Digital Foundry (via VG 24/7)