‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Squadron Mode Features Starfighter Battles

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'Star Wars Battlefront' Squadron Mode Features Starfighter Battles

It goes without saying that Star Wars Battlefront will be one of EA’s main draws when it comes to its presentation during 2015’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Ever since the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California about a month ago, fans have been treated to a slew of juicy details regarding the third entry in the popular sci-fi action franchise, and anticipation for the game continues to mount with fresh information being teased daily.

Recently, Niklas Fegraeus, DICE‘s design director, shared yet another exciting announcement regarding Star Wars Battlefront by making it public that the title’s first gameplay will be shown during EA’s E3 Conference on June 15. Supplementing the statement, Fegraeus revealed a bit more about the release in a blog post, saying that there will also be an added game mode called ‘Fighter Squadron’.

Sussing out the particulars of the newly included gameplay, Niklas Fegraeus says:

“You could see a tiny snippet of this in our trailer where you saw the Fighter Squadron mode, where you engage in huge Starfighter battles over canyons big enough to be truly epic. Then, for those not in the mood for large scale battles, we have created Missions where players can, for example, take on armies of AI or test their piloting skills. All our missions can be played either alone or cooperatively, making them perfect for some quick Star Wars action when you have a friend over.”

The early footage of Star Wars Battlefront showed TIE Fighters screaming after X-Wings in fast-paced dogfights over huge areas of Hoth and Endor with Speeder Bikes, Snowspeeders, and a various ground troops duking it out below, so that’s more than likely what Fegraeus is talking about. Plus, as an added bonus to the already awesome selection of vehicles to commandeer and space ships to fly, players can also take over the the controls of an AT-ST Walker. And while the myriad selection of Starfighters will be fantastic for the game’s replay value, the fact that players can’t take the battle into space is still a little disappointing.

'Star Wars Battlefront' Squadron Mode Features Starfighter Battles

And while the lack of intergalactic dustups is a letdown, EA’s and DICE’s decision to place more confined perimeters to Star Wars Battlefront‘s maps could be fun and beneficial to the game, as it has the potential to enhance the Battlefield-esque team-based gameplay. For instance, the close-counters chat system will allow users to chat with their partners during any given mission, allowing for timely and cohesive strategies to gel – as communication is less difficult due to all players having a general idea of what their nearby teammates are up to.

Regardless, the aforementioned solo and co-op missions seem as if they will be epic and sprawling battles. And with 12 multiplayer maps being offered upon Star Wars Battlefront‘s release, Rebels and Stormtroopers alike will have plenty of places to blast their way through. If nothing else, at least fans will be able to pilot Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon and give the Empire a run for its money.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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