The Season Pass for DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ forthcoming Star Wars Battlefront is primed to release 16 brand new maps throughout the course of 2016.

With Star Wars Battlefront releasing less than two days from now, DICE and Electronic Arts are doing everything humanly possible to hype the release of the upcoming sci-fi shooter, which includes today’s announcement of the game’s Season Pass providing an additional 16 multiplayer maps next year. According to the title’s official website, there will be four expansions in all, with the first one going live in “early” 2016, so as to supplement the 12 multiplayer maps already available at Star Wars Battlefront‘s base game’s launch.

The Season Pass will also include 20 “new pieces of galactic tech”, meaning that there will be extra weapons, vehicles, as well as Star Cards. Not to mention, 4 more Heroes and Villains are to become playable—joining Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Princess Leia, and more —as well as 4 fresh game modes. Purchasing Star Wars Battlefront‘s Season Pass also gives fans access to the add-on content two weeks in advance of those without the package, and it will include a fun little “Shoot First” emote.

On the surface, all of this content seems to be quite sumptuous, but the $50 price tag for the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass is likely to give many pause, as it’s one of the most expensive pieces of DLC to hit the market in quite some time. With its cost being 10 bucks shy of the fee for a brand new game, a lot of fans could be wary to drop so much extra coin at the outset of Battlefront‘s launch, especially after having just bought the main version of the title.


However, should Battlefront fans plan to master all that the game has to offer in the long run, it might be a smart investment to simply pay for everything up front as early as posible. If players wish to take that route, they can always pay for the game’s Ultimate Edition, which is listed at a whopping $120.

With so many Star Wars related products dropping near the release date of the next film, Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Battlefront ought to remain fresh in gamers’ minds throughout the remainder of the holiday season, which should translate to impressive sales. After all, EA’s announcement of the title’s beta player count nearly exceeding 9 million players is definitive proof that plenty of people are interested in the action FPS, as the brand still remains a potent force with which to be reckoned.

Taking all of this into consideration, Electronic Arts is anticipating Star Wars Battlefront being a massive success, predicting it will sell 13 million units after release. Of course, with the publisher’s sci-fi shooter having plenty of stiff competition available to potentially stymie Battlefront‘s sales—Fallout 4 immediately comes to mind—only time will tell whether or not DICE’s and EA’s effort can best the opposition.

Star Wars Battlefront is set for release this Tuesday, November 17, 2015, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: EA – Star Wars