EA Targets 9-10 Million ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Copies Sold

By | 1 year ago 

This winter is likely to be a season dominated by the Star Wars franchise. The iconic science fiction series is making a highly anticipated return to the big screen with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and EA is tying in to the cultural phenomenon with a November release for its upcoming shooter Star Wars: Battlefront. The DICE-developed title may not have Battlefield-style destruction, but it’s certainly not lacking in the hype department.

Indeed, Battlefront is one of the most sought-after games of this year, with Star Wars fans waiting in anticipation for further news about the project. Minds have been set racing in the gaming community, with wish lists of special characters and speculation over what other franchises could work with a Battlefront-style spin-off. EA, meanwhile, has continued to reveal information about the game, and even discussed the “complicated” relationship that the Battlefront series holds with the larger Star Wars canon.

On the back of such positive support for the title, and so much anticipation within the Star Wars fanbase, EA has now set its sales target for the DICE shooter. Speaking in the recent Electronic Arts quarterly investor call, the publisher’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen stated that EA has given a tentative sales projection of 9 to 10 million units sold by the end of this fiscal year. With Battlefront not releasing until November 17 of this year, the projection gives the publisher a little under five months to hit its sales target.

Star Wars Battlefront Sales Estimates 2

“We’ve put in there roughly 9 to 10 million units for the title,” said Jorgensen, “which we believe is the upside if things go well.” The projection has been created by looking at other games that are related to DICE’s title. The original Star Wars Battlefront, released back in 2004, sold approximately 9 million units. Meanwhile, entries in the Battlefield series generally sell around 15 million units. These two “bookends,” as Jorgensen puts it, serve as a guideline to just how Battlefront will fare.

Putting the Star Wars: Battlefront sales estimate below the Battlefield franchise average may seem conservative for some, particularly given how well-loved the original Battlefront games were, but Jorgensen also revealed the reason behind keeping the estimate out of the clouds. Star Wars: Battlefront is not having a last-gen release, which could cut out a large section of potential sales. “It is Gen-4 only and PC,’ said Jorgensen, “so that needs to be factored into people’s thinking.”

Even so, EA will look to “leverage a lot of the hype” surrounding the title, and so far signs are good that Star Wars: Battlefront will aim to meet the high expectations set of it. EA has recently revealed that the game will ship with 12 multiplayer maps, whilst local splitscreen has also been confirmed. Although there is still some mystery surrounding the shooter, fans are expecting more to be revealed at this year’s E3. After that, we may all get a better idea of just how successful Star Wars: Battlefront will be.

Star Wars: Battlefront is set to release on November 17 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.