Star Wars Battlefront Getting Rogue One DLC

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC confirmed

Star Wars Battlefront is getting Rogue One tie-in DLC that will feature the tropical planet of Scarif as well as Rogue One characters Jyn Erso and Director Orson Krennic.

Star Wars Battlefront allows players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One to live out their Star Wars fantasies, engaging in large-scale battles as iconic characters from the movies. However, some Star Wars fans were disappointed to learn that the game would only focus on the original trilogy of movies and that the most recent movie release, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, would not be featured. The closest that Battlefront players would get to The Force Awakens is the Battle of Jakku DLC (which is set some 29 years before The Force Awakens).

But although The Force Awakens content may not make it into the game, the next Star Wars movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will be added to Star Wars Battlefront as DLC. During the recent Star Wars Celebrations event, Battlefront design director Niklas Fegraeus revealed that Rogue One: Scarif will be the game’s fourth and final expansion, and it will take players to the tropical planet of Scarif. Fegraeus also confirmed that the lead character Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones) and Director Orson Krennic (played by Ben Mendelsohn) will both feature.

Unfortunately, a specific release date wasn’t provided for Rogue One: Scarif other than ‘this holiday,’ though with Rogue One landing in movie theaters in December, it’s expected that the DLC will launch around the same time.

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Scarif DLC

The announcement of Rogue One DLC has been met positively by most fans who say that this is a continued good run for Star Wars Battlefront DLC. Recently, more details for Battlefront’s Death Star DLC were revealed, with the additional content set to add new maps, weapons, characters and more. Moreover, it was recently confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront is getting single-player DLC, much to the delight of fans who have been asking for offline content ever since the game was released.

Others, though, question what this means for Star Wars Battlefront 2. In an investor call that took place earlier this year, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will feature content from the new movies. Jorgensen may not have confirmed exactly which movies would be getting the Star Wars Battlefront treatment, it’s hard to imagine that the upcoming game (which is scheduled for a release in 2017) would ignore Rogue One completely. So, fans will be wondering how Rogue One’s content will feature in the sequel and the DLC expansion without buyers of either the DLC or the full, upcoming game feeling as though they’re getting short-changed.

Source: GameSpot

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