The amount of Star Wars Battlefront players playing the game on PS4 reportedly outweighs the number of players playing the game on Xbox One and PC combined.

Sony’s marketing of Star Wars Battlefront has been a big talking point in the run up to the game’s release. In addition to the Star Wars Battlefront Darth Vader PS4 bundle there’s also the pack of classic Star Wars games (which Sony is using is a launch pad for PS4’s PS2 game emulation tech). But although Sony will have wanted to capitalize on the Star Wars brand’s popularity neither it nor EA will have expected the playerbase to be so lopsided, with the number of PS4 Battlefront players heavily outweighing the number on PC and Xbox One.

That’s according to the Player Stats Network, a website which chronicles the user figures of EA’s biggest games. According to Player Stats’ Star Wars Battlefront data, in the past 24 hours the number of players playing the game on PS4 has peaked at 183,329, on Xbox One the number has peaked at 104,993 and on PC it’s 48,292. When the Xbox One and PC figures are added up there’s still a difference of over 30,000 players who are playing the game on PS4 instead. Also, while it’s difficult to verify these statistics, Player Stats Network told NeoGAF┬áthat the number are directly from EA’s servers and that “these are direct numbers for every platform”.

Star Wars Battlefront GNK Droid Capture

At face value these stats may be a little worrying for Microsoft, many have pointed out that Star Wars Battlefront has a lot of competition from a lot of other shooters. Just a few weeks ago Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was released, then there was Fallout 4 which enticed players with the Xbox One bundle and its free Fallout 3 deal and then there are the likes of Halo 5: Guardians which made $400 million at launch, and Rise of the Tomb Raider which is another high profile Xbox exclusive. It could just be that Xbox One players are too busy with other games to play Battlefront right now.

But, if that’s not the case and this really is just down to more people buying the game on PS4, Sony will surely be ecstatic as clearly its third-party marketing strategy is paying off. And with Sony admitting that the PS4 holiday release slate isn’t looking so hot, the company will be glad to see that Star Wars Battlefront is a huge draw for potential PS4 buyers. Not only that though but with EA having already confirmed that Battlefront will get at least one sequel, it’s even a possibility that Sony will try to secure the game as a PS4 exclusive, using Battlefront‘s PlayStation popularity as leverage.

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Source: Player Stats Network, NeoGAF