Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Have Private Matches at Launch

By | 1 year ago 

Much to the disappointment of fans, DICE and Electronic Arts announce that Star Wars Battlefront will not have support for private matches on launch day.

Today, the official Star Wars Battlefront Twitter account has confirmed that private matches will be non-existent on day one for the action game, but Star Wars Battlefront‘s developers haven’t totally ruled out including the element in the future. Additionally, DICE made it clear that gamers can still party up with friends by using features from each platform with up to 8 players.

Although DICE never explicitly stated that Star Wars Battlefront private matches would be a standard feature, it’s still somewhat surprising to hear of their absence on launch day. However, it’s quite possible that an official version of the component could be added later on down the line, much like EA did with an introduction of Titanfall private matches via a post-release update.

Today’s news comes hot on the heels of developers announcing that Battlefront will not have an in-game chat system. Speaking of more missing ingredients, about a month ago, EA’s community manager revealed on Reddit that there will only be skill-based matchmaking for the title, as the company will be offering no server browser. Not to mention, since Star Wars Battlefront will be focusing solely on multiplayer, Electronic Arts’ CEO, Peter Moore, gave a somewhat tone deaf explanation that the reason why the game has no single player is due to “very few people” partaking in campaigns anymore.

While the dearth of private matches for Star Wars Battlefront is indeed a letdown, it should be noted that most of the game’s multiplayer modes are meant to be played with absolutely massive amounts of users in order to accurately simulate what large-scale skirmishes would be like in the fictional universe. Bearing that in mind, some fans’ private games might lack enough players to reflect the epic tone that DICE and EA are looking to exude with the title, which could why creators chose to exclude the feature.

However, simply having the option of private matches on the table – especially at launch – would be favorable not only for gamers, but also for developers. It would give fans an additional reason to log into Battlefront and play with their friends, which means increased replay value, and would remove the chance of lost revenue for DICE and EA should some folks avoid the title altogether until the feature is added.

Will the lack of private matches for Star Wars Battlefront on its launch day dissuade you from purchasing the game? If so, will you wait until DICE and EA implement the feature, or will you completely abstain from buying the action title?

Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on November 17, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Star Wars Battlefront – Twitter (via GameSpot)