You Will Be Able to Fly the Millennium Falcon in ‘Star Wars Battlefront’

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There are plenty of fans out there who have been eagerly anticipating Star Wars Battlefront for years — and, despite the fact that the game has now been officially unveiled, there’s still plenty that we don’t know about it. Now, one of the most pertinent questions has been answered.

Yesterday, DICE representatives took to Reddit to engage in a casual Q&A with fans. While the pomp of the game’s reveal was fitting considering how big the Star Wars franchise is, it’s great to see a studio interact with their most hardcore fans like this.

However, this wasn’t just a token gesture of goodwill towards the players that will build a community around the finished product. The developers were surprisingly candid in some of their responses, offering up information that hasn’t yet been confirmed by any of EA’s marketing or Battlefront coverage in the gaming press.

The biggest news is that the iconic Millennium Falcon will be flyable in the game. This seemed likely given that it made an appearance in the reveal trailer, but given that space battles are being omitted from the new Battlefront, it wasn’t clear whether the craft would be available for players to pilot themselves.

Star Wars Battlefront Screenshot 5

AT-STs were also confirmed to appear in playable form, as well as Speeder Bikes and Snowspeeders. With a broad range of vehicles that all control very differently, you would be forgiven for thinking that players will have their work cut out learning the quirks of each — however, that’s reportedly not the case at all.

DICE’s Community Manager stated that the ships of Battlefront will be ‘much easier to fly’ than aerial vehicles in Battlefield. He went on to say that the vehicles are ‘Padawan friendly’, which would seem to suggest that players will be able to control them quite easily even without a lot of practice.

However, this shouldn’t suggest that there won’t be any skill to handling vehicles. According to DICE, there’s more information on its way about the mechanics you’ll need to grasp if you want to go from Padawan to Jedi Master. That sort of depth can only be good news for a competitive shooter like this one.

If nothing else, Star Wars fans should be satisfied that the Battlefront team are huge fans of the franchise who are looking to please the series’ most dedicated devotees. The new game has some massive shoes to fill — but it looks like the right talent are on the task.

Star Wars Battlefront will release on November 17 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: VG247